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Cuc 100

PART A – In one paragraph, reflect on the essential components of citizenship in your current or future workplace There are various essential components of citizenship such as teamwork, equality, self-motivation, communication, the list goes on. All of these components play a major role in the workplace. There is not just a single skill that is more important than the rest, but rather a combination of skills together to make the formation of “citizenship”. In an ideal future workplace, one would want to see employees and employers making use of a combination of citizenship skills in order to achieve optimum productivity under a safe environment.

The notion of “safe environment” is very important because one can only perform their best when in a safe place. This would refer to being physically and mentally safe and it can only be achieved by the use of citizenship skills in workplaces. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in many workplaces. PART B – In one paragraph, drawing on the reflection you have provided in Part A, give some specific examples of citizenship skills and values in action in your current or future workplace According to my understanding of organisational citizenship behaviour, the essential skills that the workplace environment should include are as follows; 1. Teamwork

2. Patience
3. Fair-mindedness
4. Respect
5. Strength
6. Communication
7. Self-development
8. Self-esteem
9. Responsibility
10. Integrity/Honesty
11. Reasoning
12. Decision making
As mentioned above a combination of citizenship can lead to a safer and more productive workplace. Having respect for colleagues and other people we work with is a skill in itself. Out of all of the mentioned skills, respect for me is an absolute must in any organisation. Skills such as communication and
teamwork are also vital for a better working environment. And so is the remaining skills stated.

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