Cuba and Puerto Rico Essay

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Cuba and Puerto Rico

The Cuban culture is a combination of various influences and factors from African, European and North American groups. The Cuban Revolution has brought significant impact on the Cuban culture, particularly on the typical aspects of Cubans’ daily life. The Cuban religion consists of Catholic and Santeria, a mixture of Catholicism and Yoruba religions. With the present system of education, the current literacy rate of the island is 97 percent.

In terms of music, the Cubans have created various styles and forms including dances and instruments, due to the influences by Spanish immigrants and African slaves. The African slaves introduced drums, cajons and percussion instruments, while the Spanish introduced guitars, musical notation and musical composition. Ignacio Cervantes was the most successful composer during his generation and was the key player in musical nationalism in the island and was followed by Amadeo Roldan and Alejandro Caturla.

The cultural identity of Puerto Rico is influenced by immigrants from the Caribbean Area, Spain and Africa. The Taino Indians, specifically, have contributed much in the development of the Puerto Rican culture. However, the social and political relations of Puerto Ricans with the Americans have also contributed to the development of its local culture. The Roman Catholic has been the main religion in Puerto Rico, followed by Protestants. At present, the literacy rate of the island is 90 percent and the curriculum makes education a must starting from six to 17 years old.

As for their music, the popular native music of Puerto Rico includes plena, bomba and salsa, while the modern music includes the combination of hip hop and reggaeton. The success of composer Manuel Tavares became the stepping stone for other Puerto Rican classicists. Furthermore, the island was also the home of world-known operatic tenor Antonio Paoli and pianist Jesus Maria Sanroma. References Brozensky, J. , Cabrera, E. and Cuba, K. Cuba and Its Music. Retrieved March 18, 2009, from <http:www2. cedarcrest. edu/academic/soc/ccameron/soc215/cuba/cuba. htm>.

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