cub pilot on the mississippi// twain

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how long was twains apprenticeship?
two and a half years

what kind of apprenticeship does twain serve?
a steamboat apprenticeship

how does brown cause conflict between him and twain?
by setting twain up in situations to fail

who does Twain try to defend when he hits Brown?
he tries to defend his little brother, henry

what does brown try to hit henry with?
a 10 lb sack of coal

why did the captain come to the pilot house?
Because brown didn’t stop where he was supposed to stop.

who yelled at brown where to stop even though brown didn’t listen?

what does twain hit brown with at first?
a stool

how long is twain fighting brown?
5 minutes

how did the captain react to twain hitting brown?
the captain basically congratulated twain

who did the captain kick off the boat; twain or brown?

why did brown get kicked off the boat?
because he refused to work with twain

why were cub pilots assigned to work with experienced pilots?
to learn how to drive a steamboat

how can you tell twain and brown don’t like each other?
by how twain describes brown and how brown acts toward twain

how does brown treat twain when he meets him?
brown treats twain harshly and coldly.

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does brown only treat twain like that or does he treat everyone like that?
brown treats everyone like that because it’s his overall attitude.

what are the captains feelings about brown?
you can probably inquire that the captain doesn’t like brown

is the conflict between twain and brown internal or external?

how did you know twain wouldn’t actually kill brown?
because of how twain said he killed him for months on end and how he said to imagine killing someone is not a crime

how did brown always set the stage for conflict?
by setting twain up in situations where he knew he would fail.

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