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Csp Reflection Maldon Primary

Identify your agency and briefly discuss the history, goals and objectives. The name of my agency is Maldon Primary School.
Maldon Primary is a rural school located in the community of Maldon in the parish of St. James. It was established in January 1935 and named after a white land owner named John Maldon. The first principal was Mr. Morrison and the current principal (acting) is Mrs. Kennedy. The Ministry of Education 2008-1009 School Profile Statistics, shows an enrollment of 374 and a percentage attendance of 88%.

However, current records reveal a student enrollment of 330 which includes 151 boys and 182 girls and an attendance rate of 85-90%. The total staff population is 15, consisting of 13 teachers including acting principal and the guidance counselor and 3 ancillary staff.

Mission Statement- “to provide a system which secures quality education for all students within our school community and fasters the holistic development of each child.”

Bearing the Vision 2030 goal you selected in reflection 1 in mind, identify a set of objectives you aim to fulfill in your assignment at your agency.

The following are objectives I aim to fulfill at my agency: 1) To gain experience so that when I venture into the working world I will know what to expect. 2) For my community service I am teaching grade 3 therefore, my objective is to help educate the students which will contribute to the passing of the Grade 3 Diagnostic Test.

Discuss the specific steps you will take to accomplish those objectives.

To accomplish my objectives I would:

  1. Make sure that I am always on time
  2. Always be ready to jump at any given task.

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  3. Try to always be available to the students and to answer their questions as clearly as possible.
  4. Use my time efficiently and effectively, not to spend more or limited time with one student, i.e. treat them fairly but if a student is slow I would help him/her to catch up with the other students

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Csp Reflection Maldon Primary
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