Cross Cultural Management Report Plan Essay

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Cross Cultural Management Report Plan

Based in the uk I am a cc analyst for a large telecoms company,say who we are briefly, and what the industry is. We want to go abroad In the next 2 years, internationalisation must run smoothly, (what is inisation and what does it mean for a company?) an issue flagged in meetings will be Culture Shock and poor adjustment to the new environment. (What are these?)

How will intlisation affect the whole company initially? Will the larger culture gap prove tougher than the smaller? Generic initial issues and frameworks,lecture 3, gives a good overview. (intro). What are the obvious issues faced? Language, distance, new, see the psychic distance thing.

I need to provide a detailed account of CS in research and how it relates to CC working and our company. We need 3 good recommendations of how to minimise these affects. Look at successfully int’lised company vs company that is struggling, and the general principals to overcome issues used, can we use them? What does it all really mean according to the future? Has deregulation of the market meant we have to internationalise?

conduct a detailed literature review of CS need to discuss the generic issues which the organisation will potentially face related to your chosen area in part one – So, the first part of your literature review will introduce exactly what ideas you’ll go on to discuss. Research lecture notes, text books, journal articles etc and pull together a detailed critical review of the relevant theories and models relating to the area. You also need to detail the relevance of your chosen area to the assignment scenario, with respect to the cross-cultural challenges/difficulties that it would pose for the organisation detail the relevant theories & models and the potential cross-cultural difficulties that could arise as a result of culture shock & adjustment back up your arguments using appropriate theories & models and appropriate real life examples from case studies/research articles/books etc.

Give a bit of background for the telecommunication industry to set the scene for your organisation as the context is of course relevant to the assignment
– but there is no need to do this in depth. You can still consider issues that are generic to any internationalisation.

Source examples/case studies of telecommunications organisations that operate internationally in terms of providing best practice or illustrating failure that has taken place. Internationalisation– present a generic analysis of the issues facing the organisation when expanding into foreign countries in general. give examples to support some of your ideas around examining the likelihood of cultural difficulties being more prevalent when the ‘culture gap’ eg language is larger.

Give examples of organisations which have attempted internationalisation and failed and/or succeeded, in order to elaborate and support your arguments and recommendations.

need to discuss the generic issues which the organisation will potentially face related to your chosen area in part one – and potential solutions/ways to overcome these in part two. You can give hypothetical examples of different countries but the general principles of internationalisation and the issues that are applicable from a CCM perspective will be the same, no matter which country/countries are chosen for expansion. Give examples of differences in cultures that would cause potential difficulties such as culture shock etc and how these can vary from country to country.

Your recommendations should obviously be related in part to your chosen area from part one but you may also talk about generic cross cultural challenges & difficulties which need to be overcome. It may also be useful to look back to lecture 3: Topical issues, as this has some useful practical frameworks you can draw on. There is flexibility with this – there is no particular requirement to have one recommendation about your specific issue and then 2 further general ones for instance. It is up to you. Crucially, a good assignment will evidence the links between whatever topic you have chosen and specific recommendations for alleviating that problem plus

the fact that many cross cultural problems are interlinking and more broad in their scope.

the first couple of sentences in your recommendations should set out what you’ll go on to address in this section. word count for this assignment is 3000 words. This should be split equally between part one and part two of the assignment A minimum of 15 references should be used. These need to be academic (i.e. authors of journals, textbooks).

a range of academic sources should be consulted for research E.g. lecture notes, books, journals

Please use the assignment template showing division of the two assignment areas (part one and part two).

Whilst the remit of the report is advising an organisation, you’ll be aware by now that there are important interlinking factors between individual and organisational issues. You should position your assignment from both the individual and organisational viewpoints to show that you have an awareness of the interplay between the two and the complexities involved.

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