Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a famous quality Guru in the United States, used his expertise and skill in the improvement of the war equipment quality. Japan also used Deming’s skills to revitalize and restore the Japanese Industry that had been broken down by the World war. He was also known to be best practitioner who device the 14 points in quality improvement. Here is the summarized version of Deming’s Fourteen Points. There should only be small rooms for short term goals, must always device a plan for long term achievement.

Companies must be transformed with new strategies and development.

There is no need to focus and rely on the government rules. Defects must prevent before it would be check and fix. If not prevented there must only be minimal defects. Don’t try to deal with many suppliers, just stick to one supplier for a long period of time. There should always an action for both the company and the employees to seek for gradual and continuous improvement.

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Always do a practical training to improve and learn new techniques. Managers should not only make supervision but also must have the urge to lead his employees. Drive the fear for every employees of the company to make them feel secure.

There must be team building activities for employees and manager to have a better group work and performance. Slogans advertise for the product or service but could not always be possibly achieved due to system failure so eliminate the use of slogans to avoid customer’s frustrations.

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Other objectives should be also eliminated because it must only ruin the production; having other objectives might set away the minds of workers from the main aim. Also remove the individual work’s assessment. There must be a total encouragement for every employee to have continuous education for learning new things.

And finally, the management and the working group should be committed in the work and should work as a team to take the action and objective of improving and bringing up the quality(Heller). Philip Crosby is known as the Father of Quality revolution, was a local businessman, also an author, teacher and a generous contributor to the community. His philosophies and ideas was a factor to the revolutionize way of business worldwide Here is the summary of Crosby’s Fourteen Steps for Quality Improvement process. Management must also be committed to quality not only the employees.

There is a need for team improvement with representatives for every department. Always do measure to resolve all present problems as well as to prevent all other potential problems. Also make some evaluation on the cost of quality for future management use. Boost all awareness and concerns of all employees with regards to quality. Always take a specific and strategic action to dissolve all problems. Monitor all progress that will be seen along the way of improvement and enhancement. The training for supervisors must also be done to play their part in the quality improvement program.

There must be at most zero defects to test and have the commitment of the management and employees. There must be encouragement for individuals to show up and improve for their own goals and group’s goals. Employees must also be encouraged to shared what they knew and ideas about hinders in their quality improvement. There must a room for recognition and appreciation for each individual to boost them up. Councils for Quality improvement must be established for the task of having regular discussions about the quality improvement. Process does not only stops on these things; It must a cycle, continuous no end point(Das).

Here is the comparison of the two philosophical ideas regarding with management. As we have read and understood, both Deming and Crosby agree in Management commitment. Commitment will allow further possibilities for employees to be also committed in their work. They also have the same idea in Training of employee. There must be trainings because it can help employees’ skill to improve or develop. They also think that any process should be continuous for better improvement. Creating teams was their both idea; Team works make swift and good process.

The only differences with their process were the recognition of participation, zero defects and use of slogans and posters. With regards with recognition of participation, Deming does no want the idea because of pride while for Crosby it was good because it can boosts individual to work hard. The Zero defects idea was of Crosby, he wanted to have almost perfect work. For the slogans and posters, Deming doesn’t want the idea of slogans because it might be cause of frustrations.


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