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Crooks monologue

Ever since I came to this ranch to work here, on this rigid structured horse shoe shaped land I always dreamed, hoped and desired for one thing and one thing only! That one day I would have my own land, that one day I would have my own peace and privacy to myself without having to look after horses for the rest of my life. Don’t you think an old man like me would deserve such thing? An old man with a crooked crippled crunched back that has never been treated nice ever since he stepped into the ranch With so many people calling him names because of what colour he is, I bet you would.

Ever since I was a little kid my childhood was a beloved and wonderful with my brothers, always accompanied with them just like a jigsaw puzzle when put together. I’ve always wanted to be equal to the others in the ranch. But I would never mix because of my colour it is almost like mixing the wrongs colours to the others in the ranch when painting a picture for your wall. Not letting me play activities with them, feeling lonely at all times can you imagine how annoying and pain staking that would be.

Only activity they would let me play is the horse shoe game, bet you would get bored playing it for five minutes. Just imagine and old man like me with a dream of having a land where theirs peace and quiet where I’m free to do anything I want. Sit down and have a nice meal for god sakes, whenever I want without being interfered with those vicious idiots that have no feelings in their life’s what so ever. All the time I work I say to myself I wish, I just wish I could be with someone forever. And pursue that dream that feels it will never happen.

Life on the ranch is hard, painful, feet blistering work especially when you’re looking after horses all day long, and what’s worse! Having a crippled back, doesn’t help one single bit and looking after the animal that did it to you, yes that’s right, got kicked by a horse long time ago leaving me in a devastated pain for the rest of my life. Not one day have I lived on that ranch without being interfered or called racist names about my skin colour, how does that feel inside, terrible doesn’t it, that’s how I feel right now.

Every day I have to rub things onto my back to relieve the pain which doesn’t feel any better at all worst thing that makes me angry and annoyed is your privacy being invaded how would you feel if someone just walked into you while you were asleep, wouldn’t you feel annoyed and angry, bet you would, lennie that huge bastard walked into my private property while I was doing my own thing no knocks or permission just like that, as if you I was an animal in my hut. Every day I think to myself that I have been doomed to a life of loneliness and racist name calling.

There is nothing much to do on this ranch other than working and living a sad life that you think inside yourself will never end. Back when I was a child I was living with a wonderful family that actually cared for me endorsed me, looked after me, and loved me. I also had an education unlike the stupid people living on the ranch not knowing what they say every time they talk and call me names that burns my heart into ashes, I was well educated had a father mother and brothers too.

I was accompanied by them. Over here I’ve got no one to care for me other than lennie he is like a black brother to me not calling me racist names, actually talks to me expresses his feelings to me, he makes me feel like I’ve got a future that will come true one day, I’m in this lonely and terrible situation because of my race, yes that’s right you might think it’s something bizarre but actually this is what happens to me.

At least I had someone to talk to ever since I stepped into this ranch, can you imagine how it would feel if you were isolated because of your bloody colour for god sakes! Wouldn’t it make you go crazy or maybe mental? Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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