Critique on Carl Jung Essay

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Critique on Carl Jung

I strongly believe in his theory because it is more acceptable. It is true that the sex instinct is not the only determinant of behavior and Jung pointed out another factor which is our goals. We are not just a pleasure seeking entity but we strive towards fulfillment of a certain goal. These goals are set to enforce our psychic energy in order for us to attain satisfaction. I’ve seen relativism in his theories and on Freud’s. However, he put this information in his own context which made it clearer than Freud’s. We gradually seek for balance within ourselves and our environment.

So our past, as well as our future, affects our decisions. We view the world according to our perspectives and we use figures to represent our thoughts and ideas. Our point of views help us cope with our everyday lives. He shouldn’t have put emphasis on mysticism, occult and religion because these topics don’t have any scientific basis. I can’t blame him for being so philosophical. As a psychologist, we must understand the people around us. Jung sought possible ways to distinguish a person’s personality and that is by looking into his culture and beliefs. However, his viewpoints are influenced by these different cultures.

He stressed on self actualization and knowledge for one’s self. He believes in the concept of good and evil and he was able to point out that if we can see the evil of others, there is also within ourselves. I think that thought is where the archetypes came from. We should accept ourselves first in order for us to accept others. We should not oppose our ego but we should overcome it. Personal Insights There is a similarity between Jung’s perspective and mine because we share the same thoughts about man. As a person, I am preoccupied by my goals and my tasks to master.

I’m currently heading towards self actualization. I think, self is above anything else. I don’t have to follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs though it is necessary and a basis for living a healthy life. I’m focused on mastering the top of his triangle and it is the self fulfillment. If I have enough knowledge about myself, I’ll know how to react to what’s happening around me. I’ll know what steps I may take, the appropriate actions and the proper interactions. By the help of Jung’s theories and concepts, I’ve acquired new knowledge which I will be able to apply in my daily living.

He gave me a new way to create a positive outlook towards everything and he helped me came up with a basis for viewing man. Jung is truly relevant today because without him and his personality theories, people are still unaware of what they are. His human metrics test is a great and powerful tool to assess the personality of a person and it is a passageway for self realization. Though some critiques probably say it is not reliable because it is not 100 percent accurate, Jung’s credibility stays stronger as it is.

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