Critically evaluate the current status of the setting including policies and practices Essay

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Critically evaluate the current status of the setting including policies and practices

Self-reflection is a very important tool to be used in order to keep the nursery up to date with current legislation and to raise service standards. By regularly looking at where we are as a setting we can ensure that we continue to offer high quality education to our children. “Research has proven that self-reflection and evaluation both support good practice within a setting as a part of continual development. Importantly this self-reflection supports good outcomes for children.” (Barber and Paul-Smith 2009, pg.8)

We have been using Ofsted SEF to evaluate where we are doing well and assess where we need to improve. “The self-evaluation form is designed to help early years providers to review and improve their practice, so that it is of the highest standard and offers the best experience for young children. Importantly it is a useful tool for you and any assistants or staff to evaluate the impact of what you do on children’s welfare, learning and development.” (Ofsted 2009, pg.13)

 Politically unsettled
 Arab spring
 Benevolent dictatorship
 No pressure groups
 Frequent change of legislation but no clear guidelines
 No official body or organization to refer to
 Government policies are not consistent and not properly disseminated
 Unsecure financial world markets
 Fluctuating exchange rates
 Expensive living
 Uncertainties in the economy
 No direct income taxes or VAT
 Several indirect taxes
 Increasing running costs
 Rapid expansion of Early Years industry
 Increasing competition
 Increasing number of working mothers
 Wider range of people
 Image of good standard of living and overall safety
 People moving and settling in the area
 Increased focus on Early Years Education
 Attractive area for different nationalities
 Broad spectrum of curriculum covered in the country
 Easier information access (internet)
 Wider audience
 Better ability to reach out to the Community
 Blogging (positive and/or negative)
 Personal Technology
 CCTV cameras

(name of city) is a safe place, its economy is considered ever flourishing but due to the ongoing global economical crisis it has its financial restraints. This analysis has also outlined how a business can be easily set up but also how difficult it is for it to thrive due to frequent changes in the legislation and the lack of consistent guidelines. Nevertheless, the increased interest in Early Years Education will soon allow practitioners to offer to all children high standards of learning.

 Well trained, qualified and experienced staff
 Impressive facilities
 Outstanding outdoor area
 Central location
 Extra-curricular activities
 Early years themed workshops and professional advisors

 Turnover of staff due to economic situation
 Policies and Procedures (only few in place)
 Being tenant of the facilities
 Old building badly maintained
 Lack of training opportunities
 Limited parental involvement
 Managerial limited decision making ability

 Several marketing options
 Exponential growth of market
 Partnership with professionals in childcare
 Diversified skills of staff with different backgrounds
 Wide professional network

 Extremely high price of rent
 Frequent new regulations with high implement costs
 New nurseries poaching staff and rising salary expectations  Loss of key staff
 Frequent families’ relocations

(name of nursery) is a newly established nursery in (name of city) that was initially planned with a greater focus on business rather than learning. Policies and Procedures were compiled and printed out hastily, without team brainstorming or subsequent effective compliance. The absence of specific legal requirements in the country makes it possible for nursery and day cares to operate, though in the best interest of children, without proper policies and procedures in place.

Going through the process of self-evaluation has been the most valuable eye opener possible for me. I now know where we are and where we want to be. PEST and SWOT analysis have allowed me to celebrate our strengths and pinpoint our weaknesses.

Generally all policies will need to be rewritten, implemented and properly disseminated, but priority will be given to Child Protection and Behaviour Management Policies. A Staff training plan also needs to be put in place in order to ensure high standards in care and education of all children. Last but not least, it will be paramount to monitor progress and ensure that our procedures reflect our policies and that good practice is consistent throughout the academic year by gathering evidence regularly.

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