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Critical Thinking Sc

The video I decided to watch was “blood money”. This is my Critical thinking scenario on the situation that was discussed in the video. When it comes to describing the relationship between critical thinking and ethics, there is quite a bit to think about. The “participants” don’t really have a moral responsibility as they aren’t even alive to know what exactly is going on, and this can be deemed unethical. There really are not any stakeholders involved with the black market trade of organs of executed criminals other than the people doing the dealings.

In terms of ideals and obligations that come into conflict from critical thinking and ethics side of things. The ideals of the people that are involved are that they are helping people, at least they think so, and that they are obligated to make sure money is made and organs are delivered as needed. From an ethical standpoint this isn’t ethical at all. Now the best outcome given the consequences is that even though this is black market organs, someone is possibly having their life saved. CONCLUSION In conclusion, there are a lot of ethical and unethical things that happen and are involved

in the black market trade of organs from executed criminals in Japan. Right off the bat, people think this is extremely unethical; however, if you critically think about it, there are some ethical CRITICAL THINKING SCENARIO 3 sides to this. One example is that even though no matter how unethical, these people believe, and potentially are, helping to save someone’s life. CRITICAL THINKING SCENARIO 4 REFERENCES https://media. pearsoncmg. com/pls/us/phoenix/1269738887/ANN_11-20- 06_BloodMoney. html.

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