Critical Thinking Discussion and Summary Essay

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Critical Thinking Discussion and Summary

I don’t know if there is a universal correct definition of critical thinking. I think this a very individualistic tool used by humans to break down different problems and situations and the best way to go about coming up with the best resolution in a non-biased manner. Gathering a thought process that is reasonable and with demeanor. This is simply how I would personally define critical thinking. Thinking things over more than once, second guessing yourself here and there, seeing things from multiple perspectives, and most importantly thinking if your thoughts would be different from the other side of an argument or situation. I think critical thinking is important for us to fully understand ourselves and our situations as well as others and their situations.

Critical thinking is considering multiple angles and viewpoints and trying to understand them and where they come from, as well as why they exist. In my life personally, critical thinking has always been something I would like to think I’ve had due to being raised in a very diverse atmosphere and a very diverse community. I’ve seen racism towards more than one race, I’ve seen both sides of different biases, and I have lived in a small town closed minded community as well as the middle of a large densely populated city. It makes you think differently than most around you. It seems like you feel differently than most around you.

There isn’t much that surprises you so there aren’t many situations that you are uncomfortable in. You think before you act, you think before you speak, and you take time and consideration to realize the type of environment you are in and the people you are surrounded by. Things like this don’t go through every young person’s mind before acting or speaking. You slow down, you react calmer, and you try not to get too high or too low. From this course I don’t think I’m looking for how to think critically as much as why some of us do think critically and some of us don’t. I think I’m looking for more reasoning for the differential than a definition of critical thinking.

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