Critical Thinking Application Essay

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Critical Thinking Application

Critical thinking is defined as reasonable reflective judgment concerning on decision of what one to do or to believe. More precisely, critical thinking can be described as the assessment of accuracy, authenticity as well as the worthiness of arguments and education claims (Kemp, & Bowell, 2005). It requires precise, careful, persistent as well as objective analysis of knowledge claim and also the belief of judging its worth or validity. Critical thinking requires sense of beliefs and thoughts to have basis on the objective facts.

Core skills in critical thinking include interpretation, inference, analysis, explanation, evaluation and meta-cognition (Kemp, & Bowell, 2005). Experts have agreed that, group or individual who engage in a strong critical thinking mostly give due consideration on the judgment context, evidence, relevant criteria of making good judgment, Techniques or methods applicable for forming judgment as well as theoretical constructs applicable for understanding well the question in hand and the problem.

Apart form having the skills of critical thinking, one should further be disposed in engaging decisions and problems using this skills (Elder, & Paul, 2002). Critical thinking not only employs logic but also uses wide intellectual criteria including clarity, precision, accuracy, relevance, credibility, breadth, depth, significance as well as fairness.

Positive mind habit that characterize person who is strongly disposed in critical thinking may include courageous desire in following an evidence or reason in wherever they are leading, open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, attention of foreseeing possible consequences on their choices, solving problems in systematic approach, fair mindedness, judgment maturity as well as reasoning confidence (Lavery, & Hughes, 2004).

In solving reflective problem and making thoughtful decision using the critical thinking, one has to investigate the evidence, the judgment context, criteria relevant for making good judgment, techniques or methods applicable in forming judgment as well as theoretical constructs applicable for understanding question in hand and the problem. Critical thinker is a person who considers and explores many possibilities as possible.

His thoughts are not limited by any doctrines or rules and he avoids using emotions in justifying his ideas. Critical thinker well understands he has to follow the rules but knows how to think outside the rules (Lavery, & Hughes, 2004). He or she usually avoids taking things on the face value since he understands things that are commonly accepted at certain times may be wrong. Thinking in a unique or new way may make one to discover new things.

Critical thinker mostly keeps in his mind on things which he perceives to be wrong. Neo natal intensive care nursery is a field that requires a staff working there to think critically. Working in any of this organization involves interaction with many people especially parents who have different problems and need to be assisted. For staffs who are thinking critically, he or she must not be emotional in dealing with these persons even if they may not be conducting themselves in the right manner but they may not be aware.

As a secretary in this healthcare, one should be ready to assist any one especially those who are much pressed by a problem even if the work session is ending since saving someone’s life is very important. As a secretary in neo natal intensive care nursery also, you should be ready to know how to live with the parents of small children and console them and even give them hope that their babies will be alright.

Thinking critically can help a secretary in neo natal healthcare to socialize with any one including the parents as well as the other neo natal staff and build a good relationship, which can result to cooperation and thus have an environment conducive for working. Furthermore, thinking critically in such environment would lead into making sound decisions and hence avoid conflicts that may arise in the organization since different people have different way of thinking and understanding. ?

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