Critical Thinking and Ethics Essay

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Critical Thinking and Ethics

Critical thinking is a concept that is derived from the application of the cognition toward the separation of the most likely when one is presented with a set of possibilities, while ethics is used in reference to the perception of what is right or wrong in a defined situation ( A relationship between critical thinking and ethics can be seen in the sense that the individual will have to think of several methods for approaching the issue of ethics, eliminating the most likely approach until he or she settles on that which will be the most acceptable for the situation. Another way of viewing the issue of the link between critical thinking and ethics is by considering the manner in which an individual can differentiate between his or her own personal ethical concepts and that of the organization. That is to say that people have their own ethical foundations that they must be able to categorize in a separate compartment from that of the organization (

The principles and rules of critical thinking are applicable to ethical reasoning. One reason is because ethical reasoning is also culturally and religiously influenced and may at times suffer from misreading the environment or the desired accomplishments of actions. In addition, there are certain rules and guidelines of logic. If everyone followed the rules and guidelines of logic, there would still be a need for ethical decision-making. The reason is because morals and beliefs, such as religion or nonreligious beliefs, play a role in rules and guidelines of logic. In conclusion, critical thinking and ethics play a significant role in an individual’s critical thinking, morals and beliefs. Although the relationship between the two have many similarities, it is important that we have a clear understanding of the differences as well.


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