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Critical thinking Essay

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Critical thinking

Author suggests that all students must learn to respect others and tolerate the differences between them. One important thing she stressed is that all students must cooperate with each other in various tasks instead of being competitive. Keeping positive and cooperative attitude can resolve several problems. There are many benefits when learning in cooperation with each other. Group learning can have many advantages. Students can help each other in various tasks and they can learn from each other.

Her school is full of fun, extracurricular activities, learning classes and other training activities. Students take part in different extra curricular activities. The school has different sports clubs, broadcasting clubs, speech clubs, contests, and other clubs of different cultural background. Teachers and all students participate in different sports like volleyball, basketball, tennis, hockey, soccer, baseball. It is not only the place where students are trained, but many other programs are also used to well-balance their creative activities.

In addition, school also includes many tripping activities to different countries. In addition, she suggests that on weekly basis different scholarly lectures must be conducted by various scholars in order to expand the knowledge of students. Big libraries are there and each student is encouraged to participate in reading stuff. Regular reading and writing is an important part of student’s learning process. These practices can sharpen their creativity and critical thinking.

The aim of the school is to impart knowledge at equal level. The educational objective is to make students practical in their lives, who can help out their nation and work to be a useful candidate. Educational policies are designed very carefully to provide students with standard education and training. Each student after studying from here must understand and develop their own individuality and strengthen their aesthetic believes. Environment is open and firm relationship can be developed between classmates and teachers.

Every week tests are conducted to evaluate performance of each student. Many other test taking skills programs are used to improve performance of students. In addition, other behavioral tests are done to improve student’s personality. All lessons and tests are highly competent and prepare the student for future studies. Training and teaching in 3rd grade also prepares them for senior high school. Students have the facility to exercise and participate in the daily activities either in the morning or after school.

Students are also encouraged to fully take part in social life to become a useful individual. Every student is advised for good health practice and hygiene to lead a healthy life. Other activities in school education must include fine arts, painting, tea party, flower arrangement, broadcasting etc. There are many other group activities to encourage students for friendly attitude, social behavior and group working. By performing various creative works they know how to work independently and responsible for various jobs.

Every month there is meeting with parents to let them know their children’s performance at school. The environment of the school is very beautiful and attractive. All facilities are comfortable and fully air conditioned. The overall environment for learning is very good. Every classroom is very spacious with wide windows through which air and light can pass easily. Every student enjoys the learning environment and school life. Positive attitude among students can greatly improve learning environment. Her advice to students is exclusive and practical.

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