Critical thinking Essay

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Critical thinking

One of the most convenient ways to prepare students for the challenges they are doomed to face in the real world is to do it through the education process. Through education they should receive useful, uptodate information about the modern world that surrounds them. Russian education system is not an exception. Yet, no matter how good the education system may be in Russia, it has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as there are always ways to improve it. The major strength of Russian education is that it provides a broad basic knowledge in every field of science.

Thus, having got acquainted with such a diversity, a student may see a wide range of opportunities for his future life. Moreover, in high school he may choose to study certain subjects in depth in order to prepare for gaining admission to a university. Therefore, having acquired at least basic knowledge in many different areas, students get well-prepared for the challenges of the real world. However, still Russian education system has at least one substantial weakness.

Even nowadays it is too dogmatised, especially when it comes to classes of Russian literature. Teachers tell students how to interpret certain ideas that an author left in his works. As a result students lack critical thinking. They write actually what they are told to write, but not what they personally think. Of course, the majority of what they are taught at literature classes is true, however, it is not students who come to such conclusions, but it is teachers who simply make them believe that only such conclusions are the correct ones. Therefore, Russian education system, as any other one, needs constant improvement.

Referring to the issue brought up earlier about the dogmatising of Russian education, the improvement of this particular point may be achieved by simply providing students an opportunity to share their personal thoughts in an essay first of all and then to analyse them together in class and come to the necessary conclusions. An education system is a constantly developing complex social institution that needs to follow the trends of the society and of the real world in general in order to continue to be one of the most convenient ways to prepare students for the challenges of life.

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