Critical synopsis Essay

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Critical synopsis

A book that scrutinizes the increasing competition between China, India, and Japan and how it affects the global financial system, Bill Emmott’s ‘Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India, and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade‘ dwells further on the issues that extend these three nations. Obviously, he recognize the fundamental evolving power rivals in Asia as such region still does not have the merging foundation that have facilitate Europe to its issues.

He highlighted the importance of China, India and Japan to encompass a strong influence in the intercontinental associations to boost up their economies without clashing each other’s head. For me, the true essence of the book lies with his ability in molding the readers to understand the issues that these countries have with each other as well as with the US and other key nations without augmenting into alarmism.

With the global economic turmoil that started in the US mid July-August 2008, reading the book really sharpens once mind to the reality that Asia, despite it’s own economic meltdown would always have a say in society as it generates a very strong influential power that could either make or break them and the whole world at large.

Yes, China’s rapid economic leap is may be in conflict with it’s political reform; India’s economy might be in conflict with it’s key policy and Japan’s old age population issues might yield a very poor economic shrinkage but with the continued boost especially in the Business Process Outsourcing sector (which China and India are the leading provider), all three countries could safeguard their economic stability —– of course, providing that no chaos arises, which is only possible if all three countries could work harmoniously had in hand and eliminate any possible dilemma that would arise especially as we face the saga of recession.

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