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Critical Reading, Writing, & My Learning Patterns Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (810 words)
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When I was reading the four stories from the learners in chapter three, I noticed that each of them used different patterns to write their papers. Makayla was one learner that used sequence first. She was very inquiring when it came down to what she was asked to do. Makayla needed to know too much and in this case it led her to have a duel and repetitious assignment. The advice I would give Makayla would be to field fit this, trying to focus using a different learning pattern or approach.

Makayla should have written her thoughts down first and not worried so much about being correct, so she would be able to provide new information and a more clearly written paper. Another way for Makayla to field fit would be to start in the middle and not focus on a specific laid out plan. Begging and end come last. While reading about the second learner John, I read that he had used precision first.

In using precision first, he stumbled over everything he was trying to say and also had written too much unnecessary information. With John doing this, it led his family to confusion and made it hard to plan anything.

Seeing as how this was the only way of communication for him at the time, John should have written a more simple direct message and paid more attention to whom his audience was. Field Fitting this situation can be a difficult process in the since that without all the information needed, it is hard to rearrange anything . As for his family, I would have told them to take out the extra things he had to say and try to focus more on the importance. My advice for john would be that when writing anything, make sure you know your audience, and to pay attention to what you’re writing and who you are writing it to; especially if it’s the only form of communication you have available to you. Reading the third learners stories, I see that they used technical reasoning . Paul was more concerned about completion than accuracy. In this case, I would have suggested that he try to use precision when gathering all of the data and facts, instead of just using his own thoughts and opinions.

Seeing as how he uses technical reasoning, another way for Paul to field fit this would be to draw pictures and make graphs as he was reading. This would have helped him better understand and also would have given him a visual on how to start writing his paper. With the fourth learner, Raheem relied on confluence and took too many risks when writing his paper. He didn’t have enough information and failed to use another learning pattern that would have helped make a better paper. My advice for Raheem would be to first make sure that all of the data is collected for the assignment, then try using a different pattern when writing the paper and also tell him to ask for help if he is uncertain about the tools provided to him. Take time to prepare and use your weaknesses as a model to help find your strengths. Based on my learning patterns ( S 31 , C 20 , P 28 , TR 27 ,) the challenges I feel I will face with reading and writing at a college level is when reading, I tend to use technical reasoning more. I jump around and skim through content just to get the main idea. Because I do this, I overlook important pieces of information.

When looking at what I can do to fix this, I see that I need to make sure I have the time to focus on what I am reading and why. Also, I need to make sure to write it all down so I am not only obtaining the information, but I am also visualizing it to get a better understanding of it as a whole. When it comes to writing, I feel that I am a strong writer. Writing is something I love to do. I always like to express my thoughts, focus on the audience, and use as much information I can. With saying that, I may sometimes use too much information, or I will use sequence and be meticulous with if it is correct or not. One way that I can help get through this is practice and make sure I’m just getting all of my thoughts out. Going back and re-reading is a good way that not only lets me see my mistakes, but it also helps me to learn from them. The three things I keep in mind to make my writing go by easier, is to write free of the rules, get all of my thoughts out first and pay attention to grammar and spelling last.

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