Critical Path Analysis Essay

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Critical Path Analysis

Now that I have found the earliest start times, latest finishing times and floats, I can draw a cascade chart. This cascade chart will be for when one person is doing all the activities. I am confident that the solution to the problem of building an extended bedroom on top of a garage is correct and that I have found a unique and optimum solution to the problem.

The only way the task could have been completed with the 58 hour time using 2 people would have been if one of the two workers had been able to fit the electrics but neither of them had the abilities to do so which meant an electrician had to be hired causing 3 people to be the minimum amount to complete the job. The refinement of hiring an electrician did not affect the 58 time requirement so it didn’t make much difference to the final solution but it did mean hiring an extra person for the 8 hours it took for the one electrician to complete their activity.

The optimum solution has some margin for error as many of the activities didn’t need to start at their start time and could have started a few hours late and still be able to meet the 58 hour target with 3 workers. Minor problems could have occurred and the final solution could still have been met as long as all of the activities on the critical path started at their earliest start time and ended at their earliest finish time. If an error occurred during an activity on the critical path, the optimal solution would not be able to be met.

The final solution is as accurate as possible but it is impossible to predict things that could happen so the networks and charts may be inaccurate as you cannot predict the future. For example, there could be extremely bad weather (which is a possibility living in England as the weather is entirely unpredictable) which could stop the builders erecting the walls and building the roof as this would cause a delay in proceedings.

If something like this happened, the overall time would be lengthened by the initial length of the delay. The solution is as accurate as it can possibly be as we cannot predict any problems that could occur. If everything went to plan, the job of building and decorating a new bedroom above a garage should take place with 58 hours of labour needing 2 full-time workers and an electrician for 8 hours which gives a total of needing 3 workers to complete the task in 58 hours. Phil Taylor Decision & Discrete Coursework April 2004

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