Critical Lens Essay

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Critical Lens

 Fyodor Dostrevsky said, “Fear is simply the consequence of every lie.” This quote means that you aren’t afraid of the action you made but you’re scared of the action that are going to be made toward you as a punishment. This quote agreeable because a lot of the time when a person lies there thinking right then an there, the fear of what’s going to happen to you when the truth comes out is what punishes you the most not the actual consequence it’s self. Fyodor Dostrevskys quote is evident in All-night Part by R.L.Stine and The Crucible by Arthur Miller because in each wok of literature they all have to face the consequences of lying and the fear of their punishment. Through Abigail in The Crucible by Arthur Miller she can relate to the quote because she feared what would happen to her if she told Bettys father Reverend Parris what really happened in the woods. So to save her self from the trouble that would lie ahead for her if she did tell the truth she blamed everything on Tituba. This is evident to the conflict man vs. society because she felt the need to lie to save her self from getting into whatever punishment the town of Salem would set for her which would be something along the lines of being whipped or stoned.

This relates to the critical lens because it shows what happens when you fear the consequences of the lie more then the actual lie its self. In All-night party by R.L.Stine the lie that was told from Patrick when he tells his group of friends was that the cut on his hand was really from the broken window. Patrick can relate to the critical lens because he feared the consequences of his lie which would be him going to jail for killing Cindy. This is similar to the conflict person vs. person because there was a problem between Patrick and Cindy that ended with Patrick killing her. In the end he confesses to his wrongdoing and was put into jail. Fyodor Dostrevsky said, “Fear is simply the consequence of every lie” I found this quote agreeable because in The Crucible you see what someone would do just to not face there punishment due to lying which would be person vs. society. All-night party shows an example what happens when you lie and then tell the truth, which would be person vs. person. Each work of literature has its own sense of conflict. The Crucibles conflict was Abigail lying about what Betty, Tituba and herself did in the woods. That she blamed on Tituba. In All-night party they deal with the death of their best friend.

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