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Critical Evaluation: Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Mary Shelley creates strong meaning through her interpretation a monster by the main concept. Bringing something back from the dead is what created the mystery and curiosity for this lost soul. The idea of this impossibility is what has made it recognised today. Mary Shelley had conceived the idea for Frankenstein in a time of wonder. She uses imagery and strategic repetition of key descriptive words to create an atmosphere of horror and gloom in the first part of the chapter, when the monster comes to life.

Shelley invites readers to believe Victor’s story through an objective person. Shelley also uses an important literary device known as the epistolary form — where letters tell the story — using letters between Walton and his sister to frame both Victor’s and the creature’s narrative. She uses imagery and strategic repetition of key descriptive words to create an atmosphere of horror and gloom in the first part of the chapter, when the monster comes to life.

She uses variations of words such as “dreary”, “horrid”, “disgust”, “miserable”, and “wretched” liberally, and paints vivid images of ugliness and decay. Frankenstein was deeply described as a monster that should not deserve the advantage of having a female companion through his life. The experiences which led Frankenstein understand the way the world perceives those who are different were unfortunately not the way they thought they would be. Within the book Frankenstein has a section where he speaks in first person narrative so that he can present his won perspective of the situation.

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Harmony was the soul of our companionship,” is an example of personification to the concept. Shelley uses the issues of being different to influence the way the audience feels towards the monster and his brutal murders. Meaning is exposed to the way Frankenstein really feels. His vulnerability is shown when he reveals that “it tortured my heart” when he killed these innocent people. An understanding can also be gathered and influenced by the personalities and wishes of both Frankenstein and Victor. At first Victor’s mistake was to create this being of horror.

It portrayed Frankenstein as the monster when actually Victor is refusing him of the only thing he wants and needs to live through this life which was not his choice to live. Mary Shelley guides you through the life of the creator and the creator’s created. Shelley gives the audience the change to make up their own mind of who caused the wrong doings by giving using different language techniques to give you an explanation on both sides. Why is it Valued? Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is so very valued because of the imagination which is depicted through the concept of life after death.

Frankenstein is recognised worldwide because of his kind heart in such a sad life. Even though he is seen as positively repulsive Frankenstein still finds joy in seeing others act like a family and learning from their experiences in life. Frankenstein is cherished because of its shocking concept. Frankenstein was brought into the world without a second’s thought to what the consequences would be. It has captured audiences in our generation and generations to come for its passionate personalities and imaginary themes.

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