Critical Assessment of President Barack Obama

“Obama will go down as the worst President in history on many topics but especially foreign policy.”(Donald Trump) Barack Obama took the hearts of many because of the color of his skin back in 2009. He gained many votes because he was African American and made promises that we know now were never kept such as when he said, “Those who enter the US illegally and those who employ them are disrespecting the rule of law and are showing disregard for citizens who are following the law.

”(Barack Obama) Barack Obama can now be called a hypocrite because of his newest parenting with Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Angela Merkel with regards on having an open border. Facts have shown open border is one of the first steps of communism and if having taken a look at counties in the EU like Germany that is suffering because of open border.

The Obama Administration will go down as the worst thing that has happen to America some examples include the annual GDP growth since the recession ended averaged a feeble 2.

1 percent, a far worse economic performance of any president since WWII, on his watch, millions of Americans fell below the poverty line and the number of food stamps recipients soared all while the national debt doubled to an incredible $20 trillion.

Barack Obama was born in 1961 in Hawaii. His mom was a white women and his father a Kenyan who unfortunately died when Obama was two. His mother remarried to an Indonesian and eventually moved to Indonesia where Barack lived for five years attending Muslim schools.

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Barack moved back to Hawaii to study at Hawaii’s most prestigious schools. He later moved on to college studying at Columbia University in New York City along with Harvard Law School where there he gained an internship at Chicago. He decided to live permanently in Chicago because he met his wife Michelle in the city. Obama was always into politics and that is why he became the president because of the connections he made in working field.

Speaker of the house Paul D. Ryan said, “Obamacare is a ‘death spiral,’ and he should know.” What recently happened was the lost attempt of Republican efforts to reform the insurance reforms enacted by Democrats in 2009, this is the Affordable Care Act that has not worked as advertised. That is a fundamental fact around which debate should be organized. Obamacare did not result in lower premiums, it did not result in competitive insurance markets, it did not result in superior health insurance plans and it has not resulted in universal coverage.”(nationalewview)

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid blew it. Their hearts may have been in the right place but feelings cannot justify the facts. Americans who go on Obamacare soon see themselves not being able to afford it and soon fall below the poverty line. at least 27 million Americans are still without health insurance, and many new insured have been added to Medicaid. Insurance companies, having suffered billions of dollars on losses have pulled out in a large number leaving consumers with few or no options.” (University of Pennsylvania)

Businesses have been forced to follow the law as passed and find ways to avoid being negatively impacted. As a result of the law, businesses have dropped full time employees to part time and or stop hiring altogether. Not only does this hurt the employment market, but also the employees who are forced to work with fewer hours. Those employees are not getting employer provided insurance, but they are making less money overall, making it more difficult to purchase Obamacare.

“Medicare is a commodity.” (Ben Shapiro) Obamacare has caused millions to lose their health insurance plans driving costs up by as much as 400 percent. It is an unjust tax that usurps the America philosophy “by the people for the people.” Obamacare forces your health premiums to directly fund abortion and abortion causing drugs. The purpose of medicine has always been to heal and maintain the health of the individual. But when medicines and certain surgeries are needed a lot of times they will cost more than the budget allowed meaning that the doctors will not treat you.

Obamacare is a failure and we can see by looking at facts that it is because premiums are recorded high, insurances companies are suffering, people cannot afford the law and are falling under the poverty line. In general Obamacare sounds good but in reality it will never work the way the creators wanted it to be.

Barack Obama on foreign policy was embarrassing for America. An example of why is because when he wasn’t bowing to third world dictators and apologizing for America’s “mistakes”, he was appeasing the same dictators. For mouths, Obama insisted Syrian dictator Bashar Assad could be induced to “reform” and pointedly refused to intervene as an uprising against him metastasized into genocidal slaughter. Obama said he would take action if Assad were to use weapons but when those weapons were used, Obama did nothing.

“Obama persuaded to escalate the war in Afghanistan in 2009, in a pointless surge that was doomed to fail.”(Reed) Instead of acknowledging that the U.S. interests were minimal and the war was unwinnable his policies prolonged U.S. involvement to no good purpose and ate up a lot of his time and attention.

“Obama rightly banned torture, which is both ineffective and illegal and over wise let U.S. intelligence agencies off the hook for their past excesses and did little to rein them in when it repeatedly tried to interfere with Senate investigations of the so called torture regime.” (Adams)

The United States was conduction counterterrorism operations in more places than ever. “Obama and his team misread and mishandled the Arab Spring.”(Adams) Obama mistakenly viewed the Arab Spring as a large scale and embraced it too quickly. They also underestimated the ability of the violet extremists too exploit power. “President Obama has helped other countries that fell into failure.” (Ben Shapiro)

Some examples of countries that have falling into failure with Obama’s help is Germany, Sweden and Italy.

Obama’s foreign affair policy proven by facts was not a success. Obama’s foreign policy was bad but the way he left his county after his rule is worse. “When Obama took office, the American economy was in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and the United States was teetering on the brink of the complete economic meltdown.” “Unemployment was soaring, and millions of Americans were losing their homes to foreclosures.”(Voice) This is just another example on why Obama went down as the worst president, because he left his county in a depression that America had not seen since the Great Depression.

“Barack Obama violated his constitutional duty to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ the United States by doing nothing as Russian hacking targeted American democracy.”(JPost) He simply did nothing regarding the hacking, letting predators target Americans. “African American’s in Chicago’s South Side were slamming Obama saying that he was the worst president ever and that he ignored their plight while pushing for funding for illegal immigrants at their expense.” Obama was an advocate for illegal immigration and miserably failed to close the borders. Many of these illegals come to Chicago yearly especially during Obama’s administration. He failed to provide money to the city of Chicago to deal with the illegal people and also failed to help with violence in the city. A resident from Chicago also said, “Mr. Obama needs to step down if he continues to shun the cities problems.”(JPost)

Obama left his own country in a depression.

Not only Obama put other counties before America and put he put the US economy in a rapid decreasing rate. He also turned his back on the American people. He has had many scandals that were never publicized the way it should have been due the news not broadcasting it. Some sandals include, paying ransom to Iranian for hostages and using foreign currency in an unmarked plane and lying about it, record number of Americans in over sixteen years not working which led to the highest percentage of Americans on food stamps and Medicaid, and for creating a huge racial division at all time high and with that creating disrespect of the cops.

‘$400 million dollar payment that the US sent to Iran, only four were released, nineteen days later the US sent two more planeloads of cash containing 1.3 billion.”(Hill)

After the payment of billions President Obama went on to the families of these hostages and said, “We do not pay ransom for hostages. We’ve got a number of Americans being held around the world and I meet with their families and it’s heartbreaking. ”But those families know that we have a policy that we don’t pay ransom.” This is a complete lie due to the fact that Obama just gave Iran billions of dollars. Obama even went on claiming that his administration “stood up to an entire section of interagency experts who devote all of their time to working with these families to get these Americans out, those families know we have a policy that we don’t pay ransoms.” (Obama) This is another, no one from the administration has met or even spoken with any Iranian involved.

“Unemployment has fallen to its lowest point since Obama took office, but that’s actually coincided with a collapse in his approval ratings. (Walker)

The poverty rate for Americans rose up to fifteen percent in 2009 and it was especially bad for the African American with a poverty rate of 27.2 percent. The middle class soon decreased and America was going through a depression. Jobs were gone and people could not pay for taxes and there house and a lot of people lost everything they had. Americans can personally thank Obama and his administration for the lack of help. Obama’s interests was taxing the people a lot of money and that took a toll on the American people. Unemployment was a huge deal during his time in office because twenty percent of Americans were out of work.

“Eight years of Obama’s leadership has left America demonstrably weaker and more divided. Rather than the promised ‘healing’ racial and other the Obama era frayed the ties that bind us.”(Reed)

Just because Obama is African America does not make him a hero. He is portrayed a social rights leader and people voted for him because people thought he would bring “change” to the nation. He would only acknowledging his own skin color to the point where it seemed like no one else mattered. Because of this came about the group Black Lives Matter that has been factually wrong and aggressive towards other people. Obama could have stopped this group but did not. Same thing goes for the cops. Not very cop is a good cop just like how every human being is not a good person. Obama let citizens degrade and disrespect the cops that provide for them every day and did not even try to stop it.

Obama failed to keep his country under control and the country suffered majorly under many circumstances. The topic of Obama in general is very controversial but very important. Democratic would argue that Obama was the first president to try to make health care more affordable to low incomes with Obamacare and was successful. This is completely wrong because someone has to pay for this health care and that is the tax payer’s whose taxes increased a lot with Obamacare. Facts show that it is horrible for our county and was a failure. A lot of leftist argue that Obama deals with the most racist people on earth without showing anger.

This is again also wrong because not everyone who is not black is racist that goes got people of color too. The reason why he did not show anger is because the people he was talking to were probably not racist. Obama was the one who started the racial fighting again which was a reason why the county is divided. He kept bringing up the past like slavery like black people were the only race that was oppressed, but in reality you can never move forward as whole if you keep talking about the past.

The Obama Administration will go down as the worst thing that has happen to America some examples include the annual GDP growth since the recession ended averaged a feeble 2.1 percent, a far worse economic performance of any president since WWII, on his watch, millions of Americans fell below the poverty line and the number of food stamps recipients soared all while the national debt doubled to an incredible $20 trillion.

Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents because he was a man for himself and his policies benefited either other countries and targeted the working people. Leftist will play the race card and say false information on why services with Obamacare worked but in reality it did and still don’t work and puts a burden on many Americans today. Now that he is not the president, Obamacare needs to be reformed, and the new outlets need to report information and when doing so report correct information.

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