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Critical Analysis "The School of Athens"

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 3 (513 words)
Categories: Philosophers, Philosophy, Plato, School
Downloads: 49
Views: 482

In this painting, you see around 60 Greek philosophers set up in a really big hall. The theorists are talking with each other, talking about theories or mathematical queries. It symbolizes philosophic thinking and the search for truth. On the wall you can see paintings and statues. He has actually used shape lines with domes and actual line with figures. Personalities are arranged like stars in a worn out architectural setting, Raphael has represented prominent Greek philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle (the main figures) Socrates and Euclid.

Structure has actually been purchased brilliantly, plainly exposing his exceptional capability. The placing of each figure and each group combine to produce ideal consistency, order and balance, and, despite the fact that some sixty figures are used in the composition, there is no crowding. For that reason painting is unbalanced. The main centerpiece of the painting is on Plato and Aristotle. The painting has more focus on these 2 theorists than the others due to the fact that they are focused in the middle of the structure and they are the only two standing in front of hall entryway with sky surrounding them.

Raphael has shown tone in this painting. An example of this is were the light beaming through the windows and developing darkness on the ceiling of the domes. This offers the painting a three-dimensional result. Also demonstrates line and a variety of various colors but mainly primary and secondary, matching completely to each figure and things.

The themes he is exploring are philosophic thinking buy Greek Philosophers, who are expressing their theories and beliefs to one another. What this work means to me is, that Raphael had fantastic respect for the Greek scholars and theorists and admired there mentor and beliefs.

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The intent on the artist was to reveal social deem it appears the scholars are socialising to one another and sharing their thinkings. This could also come under a political analysis as they might be revealing their political views.

I think the great Greek philosophersAristotle and Plato have influenced this artist because he may of shared many of their beliefs and respect their great intellect. I also think he is influenced by them because they are centered in the middle of the composition.

I find this painting extremely well executed it looks very realistic and the artist puts an amazing amount of detail with every object drawn. I find the painting to be a successful piece of work, the composition is well organised, artist has produced perfect harmony and balance. It expresses many art techniques, such as tone, line, chiaroscuro, shade and perspective.

This art would have been well acknowledged at the time, as the paintings shows great thinkers and represents time of knowledge. This is what the Renaissance was about a passion for knowledge and skill. During the Renaissance people had an interest in classical antiquity, it centered around man, his earthly environment and his visual world. The human figure, the landscape, the treatment of deep space, and realistic representation was important. The painting shows this.

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