Critical Analysis on Cathedral

The narrator is describing what happened in his house. From this we discuss the characterization of this short story. I will be discussing the narrator’s friendship with his wife and the blind man. The narrator is someone who is not friendly. Even his wife confirms it by telling him; “you do not have friends. Period. ” I will then discuss how the narrator changes in his relationship status as the story end. There was dissatisfaction of friendship at the beginning of the short story.

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The narrator was uncomfortable when he heard about a blind man who will be coming to his house for a visit.

This is what the narrator said; “a blind man in my house was not something I looked forward to. ” “I wasn’t enthusiastic about his visit”. His reason for dissatisfaction was because of what he had watched in the movies. The movies gave the impression about how blind people act and looked like. He believes that blind men moved slowly, they never laughed and they are sometimes led by seeing-eye dogs.

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For his kind of person, he thinks that it is impossible for him to get close or be friends with a blind man. The narrator wrote at the end of the first paragraph that; “He was no one I knew.

And his being blind bothered Me. ” the narrator feels that he can never get along with the blind man because of his kind of personality. The short story then moved to satisfaction of friendship at the end of the short story. At the end of the short story, the narrator tends to be comfortable with the presence of the blind man in his house. The narrator was able to have a good communication with the blind man. The blind man and the narrator got to understand each order through the night as they were interacting.

This was where he found out that the mentality he had always been having about blind people was wrong. The narrator said; “I remembered having read somewhere that the blind didn’t smoke because as speculation had it, they couldn’t see the smoke they exhaled. I thought I knew that much and that much only about blind people. But this blind man smoked his cigarette down to the nubbin and then lit another one. This blind man filled his astray and my wife emptied it. ” The narrator was surprised to see that the impression he had always been having about blind men was wrong.

The story continues to change throughout the night as they get to know each other better. The story’s ending suggests that by the end of the night, the narrator has learned that nothing was quite as he thought. His experience with Robert, and attempting to experience the world from Robert’s perspective, opens up a whole new way of looking at the world. The relationship between the narrator and his wife is not explained as that of the blind man and the narrator’s wife. The narrator used two pages talking about the relationship between his wife and the blind man.

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