Critical Analysis Of 2008 California Biennial Essay

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Critical Analysis Of 2008 California Biennial

California biennial 2008 is a unique and heart thrilling piece of art that is only enjoyed upon visiting Orange County Museum. These pieces of arts are so much spread so that there is too much to be seen within the museum and even out of the museum. The first sight of pieces of art is evident as one drives across the streets on the way to the county museum. This is displayed in form of various versions of paintings and sculptures that bear different messages. Such displays are very necessary in preparing people for what is to come.

It is like an appetizer. Various people are given the shadow of what they should be expecting. This serves both to advertise and to promote the pieces of art. Indeed a lot is in store upon arriving at the museum. However Lauri Firstenberg did not keep things in secrecy. He display of art spread all over the region. Some exist in the inner and even outer courts of the county museum. Some pieces of art are put at the lab in the neighboring of Costa Mesa. Various sites of display include public arenas in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Statistics reveal that there are close to twenty off site Biennial art displays in different places. These displays are a contribution of more that fifty artists. All these displays are just a small taste of what lies ahead. Lauri must have done this to gain fame way above other artists and also to obtain more money. It is another interesting revelation tat the entry fees to the show is so high and only the rich can afford this taste of life. The location of the show is also an executive place in the shows of California. This is a very rich zone to tap all the touring clients.

The art displays convey different messages. Artist Rodney for example has a theme of politics to convey to the audience. This he does through a spattery set of flags which hang from the bottom and contain gross stuffs. These flags have an orange color and convey a message of change. Flagging advertisement banners are also placed outside by Ramirez. This multi kind of theme expression is a snare to lure as many people to attend the shows. This will attract people fro all walks of life, ranging from politicians, medical doctors, sociologists and business people among the rest.

The show thus attracts more people. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF ARTISTS Richard Diebenkorn The ocean park series;1967 to 1988. This is among the first museum exhibitions to be placed in orange county hall. This series was made by Richard Diebenkorn and will be in the museum up to 2010 march. This piece of art was awarded recognition in 1950 as a leading West Coast abstract. Diebenkorn started his career in painting in the early 1950s and his skill expanded with time so that in 1955, this work of art was developed. This artist explored may avenues of art but later returned to abstraction in 1968.

Through various levels of training and practice, he managed to create the ocean pack series which features many varieties of works among them being drawings, prints, paintings, and collages. Diebenkorn is an artist who believes in seasons. His pieces of art always display the season in which they are living. During political seasons, he would always draw political leaders and their slogans. He work was also quality oriented because he always copied the most selling pieces of art so that he could keep to the trend on the market. Morgan Fisher

Morgan’s work is a set of white rectangles which are placed in the outer side of the door in the front part of the museum. These paintings are also placed on the sidewalk and inside the floor of the gallery. Morgan has one theme to put across. This theme comes from his utilization of the white color. This color signifies purity. This is a modernist way of expressing purity. The size of this piece of art is 3,332. 5 square inches. This is a religious painting and was also displayed by the laymen of that time. Morgan must have targeted churches and other religious institutions even as he was designing this piece of art.

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