Crisis intervention centre Essay

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Crisis intervention centre

The need for a crisis intervention centre is in line with the Danville public needs. The society here is facing housing, despondency and declining social welfare amenities. The model crisis centre is a compound unit of physiological, social and economic advisory and counselling services. These services are to help alleviate frustration, the problem of social classes discourse and increased despondency which are resulting to high stress levels which have led to increased mental cases, besides, to create a welfare sense in this society.

This will gradually resolve the impeding social-ethnic storms, unemployment and through increased lobbying through this centre, invite social welfare stakeholders to proffer services and amenities to help the victims of various social problems including domestic violence. Model The crisis intervention centre will be an office with qualified crisis management officers. It will be established to foresee, counselling of abused, domestic violence subjects, despondent and homeless people.

They will also foresee the implementation of social integration policies in this society as well as networking with reliable social welfare referrals to counter the problem of declining social welfare. They will also work with the local police force to stem crime and advice of social integration so as to help maintain law and order in Danville. This way, the crisis intervention centre will offer professional advice, minimize liability through plans; provide order and options to the health and welfare problems in Danville.

The inception of this centre is due to the sad situation in the society of Danville. The objective is to close the gap of increased poverty and social disintegration through enlightening people about their rights and their economic well being and social welfare needs. Operation and networking procedure The purpose of this crisis intervention centre is to counter arising social problems and addressing them urgently. The team of professionals will check and arrest arising emotional or physical health and safety of the members of the society is at risk.

Offering referral to health providers in case of a health risk case, violence and chaos in the settlements where people are living, domestic violence and other physical health risk eventualities; also alerting the police and local medics on the same. Objectively, we will be managing the crisis from two perspectives, one; helping the ones affected to survive the crisis and secondly, to build capacity on alleviation of crisis. Building capacity will be aimed at making the society try preventing arising social crisis, build good relationships and co-exist peacefully.

We aim at helping the members of the society self-manage arising crisis through knowledge and skills like demonstrating maturity, good decision making, mediation and avoiding trouble. The professionals will have to be ready to work at odd hours and adhere to the principals of the crisis centre quick response initiative. The quick response initiative will be a special unit of the Crisis intervention centre and will be laden with the duty of rushing to rescue and resolve crisis upon calls of distress and so forth.

As such, the centre will be networking with the society and the other social welfare stakeholders to safeguard both lives and the health of the society. This plan is evenly collaborative with rising needs of the Danville society and environment. Operating System The centre cannot be run in an empty office, as such; we have a budget which is meant to accommodate various necessities which will enable the dissemination of our objective effectively. We will buy and install an emergency calls receiving centre and a computer system that will support our networks objectives.

• An office from which we have counselling and capacity building advisory lessons and one which will house our staff and operating system • A radio communication system to coordinate with each of the professionals and the rapid response unit • A computer system that will support a databank for clients and give immediate referrals to cases • A van to ferry possible critical cases to nearest healthcare facility and also another van to ferry the rapid response unit Crisis intervention

We will be managing Danville crisis based on strength of the Danville society perspective and the problem based perspective. Using our resources, liaising with healthcare providers, social welfare stakeholders, society and government to manage and minimize crisis. We also aim at assessing the risks through risk assessment based on social perception and projections on sensitive social issues. Through planning and holding meetings with various members of the society so as to understand the various weaknesses in the society and they can be managed.

We will also use all the resources at all levels of the Danville area. Management of the crisis is issue based and we intend to tackle issues through assessment and capacity building. This way we will alleviate the suspect and the conflicting social behaviour. By capacity building we will foster social-environmental change and subsequently stop bad social behaviour like, domestic violence, robberies, mugging, ethnic discontent and related social discords.

Capacity building will replace these bad aspects of social behaviour with alternative skills which will benefit the members of the society. Activities like social-economics, education and active participation recreational activities replace the behavior with alternative skills that serve the same function for the individuals with the weaknesses as well as the segments of the society affected or portraying similar bad behavior.

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