Criminal Trends Essay

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Criminal Trends

There is no question that crime has had and continues to hinder society. The criminal justice system is an intricate part of society and is essential that this system remains capable of adequately dealing with the latest crime trends. It was the establishment of the consistency with the Social Commission that the number or crimes should become a priority so that the facts and statistics developed can be readily available for use. When the first crimes were recorded over 60 years ago there findings showed crime trends in larceny, physical assaults, and homicide.

As time progressed into today the studies conducted show an increase and broader concept to include organized crime from the mafias, organized crime involving gangs, trafficking of illegal drugs, and the illegal trafficking of humans. The interface between components of the criminal justice system and criminal justice connections with surrounding society is always changing. There are many components that affect society and criminal justice system. Components such as the increase of juvenile crimes, gun control, technology, and legalization of drugs, terrorism, and the list can continue.

The two main components that have the largest effect from society to the criminal justice system are going to the increasing advancement of technology and the newly risen debate of gun control. These two components have the largest impact on society and the criminal justice system. Past trends that affected the criminal justice system: Society and the criminal justice system had their share of crime during the past. The crime that was handled during this time was difficult as it is today when something new occurs and has to be handled.

Years ago there was not the forensics capabilities or the technology that we have today to solve murders and other crimes. The technological devices and advances that are available today were not present; therefore, requiring society and the criminal justice system do the best they each could do. The criminal justice system and its many agencies did not have bullet proof vests, GPS search systems, DNA/forensics, computers, Internet, biometric imagery, database information centers, telephones, walkie-talkies, and the list continues.

Depending on how deep in the past things is observed or studied the criminal justice system and society had a different relationship than what is found today between the two. Society was not as quick to get involved with matters that did not concern them or their families; however, society had more of a hardcore respect for the criminal justice system especially, law enforcement. Technology is not the only component that affects the criminal justice system and society, gun laws and rights do so as well.

In 1787, under The Bill of Rights in the second amendment was established allowing the American citizens to the “right to keep and bear arms” (Lee, 2012). Gun Control issues that are prevalent today were not seen as issues in the past and possibly could be seen differently in the future. There has been laws and policies created in the past that if they were not established the impact would be horrible for today’s criminal justice system. The list below complies to the past circumstances with gun control to make what society and the criminal justice system has developed recently. 1934 The National Firearms Act was established to help maintain, control, and tax firearms used during the prohibition era (Lee, 2012).

* 1938 The Federal Firearms Act was established to begin the process of record keeping and acquiring a licensing for sellers (Lee, 2012). * 1968 The Gun Control Act was established to prohibit anyone from purchasing a long gun through the postal service, prohibits convicted felons, drug users, and the mental ill from obtaining the right to carry a firearm (Lee, 2012). 1990 The Crime Control Act was created to make certain areas gun-free zones, such locations that of a school area (Lee, 2012). The fact that these actions created and maintain from the past a foundation that we use today when dealing with any form of gun violence or gun requirement. In past people could carry a gun inside facilities, own whatever make or model that was present at the time, children knew how to shoot, children could carry a gun (western days); however, with the incidents that occurred developed the impact that we carry on today in society.

The truth behind every act or law there is a reason to why it was created, established, and enforced. Recent and present trends that affecting the criminal justice system: According to Cetron and Davis, “the exponential rate at which technology is changing directly affecting policing today. While it offers new tools for officers, it is also providing extremely lucratively and easy means of criminal activity. ” The criminal justice system and citizens are both affected by this change.

Technology has progressed so rapidly over the past decade alone that criminals are committing crimes internationally, and this is making the job of law enforcement agencies even more difficult, more time consuming, and more dangerous. The criminal justice system does still have corruption from different agencies, especially the law enforcement. Today, technological advancements, and crime control relate to investigator and investigations may not significantly decrease violent crimes, only time will tell if technology advancements are hindering the criminal justice system and the privacy that Americans so desire nowadays (Muraskin, 2009).

One of the most important technological creations used today is smartphones. Smartphones are equipped with cameras to take live and still shots, voice recordings, application downloads, file storage, area to link other equipment into the phone, and the list continues. The second most important technological device that has been created and used today by society and members of the criminal justice system with the different agencies is The Global Positioning System or GPS.

The second trend that has taken toll recently with society and the criminal justice system and its many agencies is gun control. The horrible incident that occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school where innocent children lost their lives started a national conversation on the revision of gun control policies and acts presently in effect (Greathouse, 2013). Issues such as assault weapons bans, ammunition access, deterring the use of guns by criminals and the potentially violent, and the influence of violent media are in question because of this horrible attack.

The role of law enforcement and the courts in reducing further incidents of gun violence has also been at the forefront of the h\gun violence discussion. There have been efforts to impose harsher sentences for gun crimes, producing stark difference in the federal versus state or local penalties in some areas” (Goldberger, 2008). Society has mixed emotions of the possible increments that could affect their ability to maintain their second amendment right. The main argument with most individuals in society is that guns don’t kill people, but people kill people.

The possibility of divided society is strong if society loses their rights to “bear arms”, and on the other hand member of the criminal justice system who are also a part of society when off duty will have to handle the aspect of a “twin edged sword. ” Future trends that will affect the criminal justice system: Attorney General Eric Holder stated, “The globalization of criminal networks and advances in technology have made international criminal organizations a significant threat to the safety and security of our nation.

Preparing for the future in the criminal justice system with its many agencies and society is a hit and miss. The technology possibilities are endless. The new crimes that can occur or the possibility of terrorism happening again in this country are always strong. According to Nancy M. Ritter, “ There is no question that terrorism, the growth of multicultural populations, massive migration, upheavals in age composition demographics, technological developments, and globalization in the future will affect the criminal justice system” (Ritter, 2004).

Society is ever changing with the flow of the economy and the different cultures and nationalities that are present. It is a fact that we cannot control what has happened in the past, but we do have some control on what happens in the future. Society and the criminal justice system with its many agencies needs to develop an understanding and a respect for each other immediately so that when situations occur that no one in particular is involved respect for the decision and outcome are acceptable. Value of the criminal justice system in a changing society:

People of society want to feel safe in our communities no matter where we are or what we are doing. There should not by any shape or form of reasoning to why individuals should not feel safe within their own homes, communities, and neighborhoods. People should be able to arise every day without having to look around and make sure if it is safe to leave their domain. Individuals should be able to walk down the street without having to look constantly over his or her shoulders in fear of harm. The relationship between the criminal justice system and society is not a complex relationship.

Society is involved in many steps, policies, and procedures within the criminal justice system. Society helps with the elections of officials and also has a possible role in law making. Individuals from society help in the courtroom proceedings as well as they are members of a jury. According to Muraskin and Roberts, who states that “society is a part of the criminal justice system and its protocol such as the prevention of crime, policy making, and witnesses during court cases and jury members during courtroom proceedings. The criminal justice system is establish with law enforcement help enforce the laws of the “land” and protect the individuals in society. Society and the criminal justice system has had their differences that changed the perception and amount of respect some individuals had toward the system, but strive forward the past has to be let gone. Soceity and the criminal justice system has to work to work together to maintain a safe and stable living environment for everyone. The value of the criminal justice system in a changing society is irrefutable.

Society would be nowhere if there was not a crimirnal justice system. If the criminals justice system did not exist, and this country would be taken over by organized crime, terrorst groups, by drugs, identity theft, prostitution, human trafficking, and the list continues. The system gives society their rights, what keeps them safe and what upholds the law. Our societies are changing daily with the increasing illegal immigrants who are located within our borders. The increaseing amount of illegal immigrants develops differences in races, cultures, beliefs, and ideology.

The crimnal justice system keeps many of these things from taking over our nation and witout them there is no hope. “Predictions and visions of the furture are makred by challegnges, expectatons, advaced preparedness, and techological developments. Crminal justice professionals are encountering enormous challenes and organizational changes, Whether or not the technologically advnaced changes in criminal justice investgations and crime control will contnue to significantly reduce violent crime rates remains to be seen.

But, technological and social developments as well as policy changes offer much promises for the future” (Muraskin, 2009). Conclusion: The crimes that society has had to contend within the past still hinder the criminal justice system along with the new elements of crime. Crime trends are extending beyond the border of the United States and are a challenge globally. Cybercrimes are on the rise as society becomes more dependent upon electronic data gadgets and the Internet.

The criminal justice system of today is believed by many not to be capable of remaining effective without change. The current methods of dealing with criminals and their crimes are ineffective toward the current crime trends. This will require changes in the way the grand jury operates on an everyday basis. The most practical effective method for the grand jury would be to meet and discuss current crimes and punishments without an authoritarian disposition. The ongoing fact is that the criminal justice system has and will contour to change.

Criminal will come up with new and clever ways to commit their crimes and the criminal justice system has to come up with ways to combat these advancements. Society will always have criminals therefore making the constant need for the criminal justice system and all the agencies involved. The criminal justice system will always be an ever evolving field within society. Society changes on a regular basis and with change from within society develops the technological needs are established. In other words, as society changes the needs that it takes to be more productive is altered to fit the present situation.

The barriers that come along can affect how the criminal justice system interprets on how to control and maintain the situation. The fundamental basis of the criminal justice system is to protect and serve the community. The criminal justice system has to stay ahead of the game, especially the changes that occur in society. Crime trends may not last; therefore, receiving a fundamental explanation of how long crime trends will last is anyone’s guess because different trends have no set time frame to how long they are going last.

Trends whether what nature they are come and go and other develop in another ones place. Changes over time in crime trends and patterns have significant consequences, which affect the criminal justice system as well as to the essential departments because if one were to look at “such areas as health, housing, and employment consistent trends ad patterns emerge, whereas America lacks the information and comprehensive research on crime trends” (Goldberger, 2008).

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