Criminal Thinking Patterns Essay

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Criminal Thinking Patterns

Loyalty can be defined by anyone but there’s only one definition of loyalty. Google’s definition of loyalty is the quality of being loyal to someone or something. The second definition for loyalty is a strong feeling of support or allegiance; fights with in-laws cause divided loyalties. My definition of loyalty relates to the first definition; however, it consists of more than just that. Loyalty means respect and competence pertaining to a certain degree of trust and allegiance to an organization or personal lifestyles one might be involved in.

Emotions and stereotypical thoughts have a major role in the play called loyalty. Loyalty and emotions have similarities just because of the fact an individual has to have some form of feeling towards a person or they will never be able to be loyal. What is the meaning of being loyal? Loyalty is defined by the person giving the meaning of its definition. Google definition of loyalty is true to a certain extent, but there is still something missing. The quality of being loyal should exist in everyone.

Everyone or a particular breed has the quality of being loyal. Definitions seem to captivate everyone’s minds into believing the term or definition is true just because it has a reliable source. Sources are undoubtedly opinions from scholars; opinions arouse from person’s experience to inform people about such terms. If the term loyalty is true as it is supposed to be it might as well be self-explanatory. Loyalty is a word that consists of trust, faith, allegiance, and love.

Without those four terms loyalty doesn’t exists. The quality of being loyal all depends on the people that may think of these terms. Imagine two couples that have undeniable trust for each other with stipulations which are to be loyal forever, one runs off to meet another individual she might have attractions for, the other partner finds out about it so the partner feels like she is not being loyal. The reason for that is because he feels like she is only upposed to be attracted to him, but she feels differently because she feels that she hasn’t cheated on him.

These are two couples with two different definitions pertaining to loyalty. Emotions and stereotypical thought has everything to do with loyalty. Emotions give an individual trust and fear which are needed so one can attain the ability to be loyal. Without trust for an individual, people will never be able to give their complete trust and loyalty especially when the individual wants the same respect.

Stereotypical thoughts pertaining to the term loyalty will give an individual a lesser understanding of the term loyalty mainly because stereotypical people tend to have their own opinions about everything which isn’t wrong but it justifies the statement. Everyone has their own definition of loyalty. Furthermore, what is the meaning of loyalty which is one of the questions everyone tends to asked themselves? Loyalties are moreover something genuine and sacred people or an organization tends to have. Loyalty consists of trust, love, and respect. Everyone has the ability to be loyal as long as it has true meaning.

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