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Criminal Justice As Last Line Of Defense In Society

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Essay, Pages 4 (953 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (953 words)

The main agencies that make up the whole criminal justice system are the police departments, corrections, and court cases. All together they are commonly referred to as the criminal justice system. Although these agencies have their similarities but also the differences oin the way they monitor the community. The police department is in our community to protect and serve those to violate our laws but also influences the community in various ways. When crimes are committed they are supposed to gather up evidence such as footage, victims, and also witnesses, etc.

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This will make the crime be resolved and much easier for them to handle. After an arrest has been made they are brought back to the station for booking which typically involves mugshots, fingerprints, charge, and personal information. Courts are where cases are being heard by a public audience and are being judged by there criminal acts and seeing if they are guilty or not.

Criminal Justice is often looked upon in society “Last line defense” because there are smaller organizations such as schools, churches, and just family organizations that are able to handle noncriminal and rude behaviors in different matters by punishing at a lower level.

Many of us are always are social media and the media builds and breaks the minds of if the actions of people cannot be controlled by this lower level punishment. Then its up to the criminal justice system to enforce punishment. So the individuals are forced to abide a limited range of social values.

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So basically the role of criminal justice is to persuade people to abide by a range of social values whose violations constitute a crime.

Of the various methods of measuring crime presented, which one do you think is the most accurate? Why? Which one do you think is the least accurate? Why?

Burglary, motor theft, robbery, and Homicide provides many data and helps in comparing answers that are being received in a nonstudy matter to a different study in order to find a way to help the validity of the measure of crime. If the connection of the study is the same or similar it is basically ready to validate. It’s been proved due to the UCR rates are highly correlated with true crime rates and are a valid measure of serious crime. There are many pros and cons when it comes to the measurement of crime. One of the Cons is that the accuracy is questionable because not all crimes are reported equally. But another is it has the broadest measure and has the most data which can be really helpful in the matter. Measuring how much crime occurs and crime trends is an important part of criminal justice administration. The ucr determines the three ways of reporting which are, while the NIBRS works more around correcting mistakes in the Ucr reporting, and the NCVS however is strictly a telephone survey where I think is not an overall good idea of measure. The weakest measures of a crime I would say would be Rape and assault. Due to poor reporting to the FBI and sometimes not taking matters seriously. They changed the measurement on this one because they had added more things like oral or anal acts which i feel like that basically common sense they need to know more about rape and not say if it was her to blame.

Beccaria mentions that the first one was to enact laws that are simply clear, and biased and affect the agreement of the people. Which is the use of punishment he basically mentions that punishment is mandatory and it has to be done in a correct matter. The second one was that we had to educate the public. Basically the more education you had the less crime that occurred. This one is the one where i do not agree upon because many people that have money have often done horrible crimes. And education does not identify the way we act upon. For example, my uncle only went up to second grade in his education, but right now he is making good money in his company without and criminal background. People that come from low-income living striking areas tend to somehow find a way to find success without a criminal background. He also believed that corruption has to be eliminated because if there were people tend to commit more crimes. In my perspective, I believe that this matter can have different opinions because we have to have a little corruption in the system but not to a point where law enforcement starts to abuse it and that’s where the public start to see that the justice system is not here to protect but to murder and that where we should change.

He mentions that there should be recognition of people that have not committed a crime and I believe that this is an ignorant idea because why would we reward people for being good or bad. Are we bribing them to be good? This just reminds me more of the technique we had back in kindergarten where we had the different sets of colored cards and if we stayed in green all the time we would get a call home saying we have been doing a good job or also getting a treat. This will just boil the minds of many people with criminal backgrounds because they will have no reason to behave because they have no chance to be recognized by the public which can lead to more crimes. I do not agree with any of his ideas because I believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter the economic status of someone or how much education they had.

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