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Essay on Crimes

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Criminal Investigation of Crimes According to Arson

During an arson investigation, the local Arson investigator will normally control the scene upon arrival and complete the arson investigation. Very seldom do federal authorities become involved unless the arson occurs to federal property. Generally Arson investigations are not a chaotic and time sensitive as the bombing investigation. Arson investigations are filed through police and the fire dep...

Alternatives to Incarceration to Non-Violent Crimes

That reason alone is why, unlike Kahan, we need to look for a solution, such as Tangney did. Between these two articles one author stated that shame sentencing is “cheap and effective” (Kahan 575) yet he gives no evidence of scientific research to back up that shame sentencing really is effective. The other author, Tangney, actually backs up and states the fact that shame sentencing is not wo...

Serial Killers

I will be continually checking these doctors and researcher’s information gathered from their testing and experiments to hopefully receive new and improved information. One of the most helpful things to do is watch movies and documentaries on not only serial killers but their families, the detectives, doctors, and the researchers. The one problem that I feel I might encounter is not having enou...

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Stop Snitching

Those who favor snitching, do so because it has always been an accepted rule. Snitching has become what some would call a “sport”; a person never has to expect responsibility for their own actions because, it is easier to snitch and walk free rather than taking reasonability for ones actions. In Maxwell’s essay Start Snitching he states that if people snitch this will reduce the number of bl...

Green Street Hooligans Movie Analysis

The problem with hooligans just that they know themselves that it's wrong what they do, but they like what they do and why they do not intend to stop, but the end of the movie shows that sometimes you must hold back, for the things you think you can handle. You do not always stand up for what you believe in because you can’t do everything and in the end it will have consequences. But hooligans ...

About Criminal Homicide In Society

For example, a person who commits a killing in a fit of rage or a person who is motivated to kill by receiving insults or physical abuse, are likely to be charged with second-degree murder. But the act of killing must happen instantly after the fit of rage or insults because if time lapses between the two than it permits the chance for thought to occur which would turn into premeditation and ther...

Richard Kuklinski

This man had no disregard for human life and would kill anyone who rubbed him wrong. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but didn’t care, making him fearless and ruthless. His childhood created the monster and from then on, the monster became bigger and stronger, more fearless and creative, earning him a spot in the mob until the monster got to fearless and was caught. This monster terrorized h...

Early Brain Development

Parents play an essential role in child development. Some ways parents can encourage child development is by doing normal stuff like talking to them, playing with them, singing to them or even providing them with toys. List and explain three or more assistive technology device used with children with learning disorders and special needs. What are the benefits of this technology for children? Digi...

Prison Overcrowding

Some communities have started outreach programs that help offenders. By having alternative programs available to offenders, who meet certain criteria it will help with the prison overcrowding problem that much of the United States continues to have a serious problem with. Prison overcrowding is a serious problem all over the world. It has economic effects. Prison overcrowding also has health risk ...

High School Shooting

Incarceration may not have been the been conclusion for the crimes that Kip committed. All of the things he did were because of his of his psychological problems that were caused from the social and biological aspects of his life growing up, and that were mistreated. If Kip had been better treated medically, the shootings may have not happened. Kip Kinkel is just the severe victim of his disorders...

Biography and Crimes of El Chapo

Guzmán was captured in 1993 in Guatemala, extradited and sentenced to 20 years in prison in Mexico for murder and drug trafficking.[1][17] After bribing prison guards, he was able to escape from a federal maximum-security prison in 2001.[1] He was wanted by the governments of Mexico, the United States and by INTERPOL.[18] The U.S. offered a US$5 million reward for information leading to his captu...

Sandra Cisneros' Woman Hollering Creek Book Review

All of the stories sound like poetry, and she actually has published a book entirely of poetry, My Wicked Wicked Ways. I think it is just the descriptive words, and great detail she uses that makes it seem this way. In short, all of the stories within this book, either relating to her directly or not, "Challenges her reader to see life as it really is - full of unrequited passions and solitary con...

Urban problems in Amsterdam

Conclusion:Reading this document has made me realize, that these problems do not seem that terrible. The old culture & history of Amsterdam will still stay the same, even if the city's younger people do become drug addicts or so. When you look at Amsterdam, and compare it to rest of its neighboring major cities, it is somewhat unique. There aren't that many as culturally rich cities in the wh...

Should Handguns Be Banned?

Guns are capable of ending a precious life in a few minutes, thereby interrupting the natural life cycle. On the one hand, every effort is made by scientists and doctors to save and improve life expectancy. Researchers throughout the world are working to find cures for deadly diseases such as AIDS and cancer so that a human can live longer. On the other hand, guns are created to destroy the same l...

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is becoming one of the leading conflict resolution practices in the workplace. The advantages of settling in the ADR process are more positive and less extreme then settling in a courtroom. It also has its advantages in the workplace, such as handing disputes out of the public eye, more cost and time effective, and making the work environment more positive by having ...

Mandatory Minimum Sentence

The long mandatory sentences for serious crimes have intuitive appeal. Evil actions deserve severe punishment. In the case of petty street crimes however, mandatory sentences can be harsh and a burden on taxpayers and the courts. The prisons are full off non-violent offenders who are serving mandatory sentences. We must all put our resources together and find a way to remove mandatory sentences wh...

The Adversary System Of Trial

The adversary system is the best system for achieving justice in criminal trials because of its use of several different elements. These elements combine to produce an effective and working system that provides justice to a majority of cases and instances. The implementation of plea bargaining, the standard of proof and evidence utilised, the use of juries and the cross-examining of witnesses are ...

Doctrines Of Consideration And Sufficiency

It is incumbent on the parties only to determine the subjective and adequate worth of a promise. Patteson J articulates in Thomas, ‘although consideration must be sufficient, it need not be adequate. ’ CONCLUSION Blackburn J statement of objective interpretation suggests the objective test must always apply in assessing how a reasonable person would view the situation. It can be concluded that...

The Justinian Code as New Law in Rome

Continental Europeans tended to view English law with great disdain, and the feeling was mutual. The English viewed continental or "Code" law as harsh, inflexible and giving too much power to the accuser, while those on the continent viewed Common law as inconsistent, with different punishments for the same crimes from region to region. This rift still exists today, although the mutual disdain has...

The JonBenet Case

All in all I thought my speech went well over all. There are positives and negatives out of everything one does. In this case the strengths were a lot of facts, interesting topic, and talking at an average pace. The weaknesses were hands in my pockets and reading directly off my cards. Both of these weaknesses are completely capable of being changed. By the end of this semester I plan to have succ...

Double Jeopardy Rule in Criminal Justice System

There will be no end to a fishing expedition of evidence (Deanne, A. , 2003). The rule however was not without any reformation. If there is compelling new evidence, a murder case could be retried, thus, resulting in the abolition of the double jeopardy rule on murder cases. The rule on double jeopardy not only enhances the ability of the state to prosecute and protects the integrity of final judgm...

Dual Court System

It seems that unified court system would be more effective. Many courts will improve services to the public through reallocation of judicial and staff resources. Court operations will generally become more efficient as courts reorganized administrative operations along functional rather than jurisdictional lines and eliminated the duplication of the former two-tier system. Improved court calendars...

Trial of Orenthal James Simpson

After the trial O.J. proclaimed that he would devote his life to finding the true killer of Nicole Brown Simpson. This was quickly taken over by a civil case filed against O.J in Santa Monica. This case had a very different tone than the murder trial and came with a very different result. After seventeen hours of deliberation, the jury found that O.J Simpson had wrongfully caused the death of Nico...

CPTED Principles that Avoid Crimes

Most of the effective security measures such as proper lighting need to be incorporated in the design of facilities in order to incur lesser cost and to blend well with the over-all plan. However, well-designed and executed security measures may result to requirement of lesser number of security personnel. It will also gather support from the employees because at the very start of operations, the ...

Lock 'Em Up Approach in Criminal Justice System

Finally, mandatory sentencing has proven ineffective. The courtroom work group frequently ignores the mandatory sentencing requirements (Walker). The use of such programs has quickly resulted in prison overcrowding, in turn resulting early release programs that eliminate or reduce the efficacy of the mandatory sentencing programs. The “lock ‘em up” approach, as it currently exists cannot ade...

Criminal Recidivism

Many also have the stigma that comes with having a criminal record and are unable to find work, so they resort back to robbery or stealing. Many times the released prisoners go back to hanging out with their old friends and then it is not long before they fall back into their old habits. In addition, the probation/parole divisions that are supposed to supervise the former inmates are overworked, h...

Defensive Homicide

One in five Victorian women report being physically or sexually abused by an intimate partner at some time in their life and if the law was to be abolished maybe the victims would feel as if no one understands what they are going thru or care to. And by doing that more women might stay in a violent relationship and more women might end up dying. The law of defensive homicide needs to be reform if ...

Stephanie Crowe Murder Case

It was the work of Vic Caloca, a senior investigator with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, who “was in charge of the new investigation, he quickly focused in on the interrogation tapes… He noted that the boys had no lawyers with them and were isolated from their parents for extended periods” (Leung, 2009). Caloca’s review of the tapes proved to him the boys’ innocence “because the...

Baskerville Murder

Mortimer, the Barrymores, Stapleton and Roger Baskerville are the most likely suspects to the killer. Out of the four Stapleton could be the killer because he is more mysterious than the others and the fact he knows the moor makes him the prime suspect. Overall, mystery books are interesting because as the reader continues the story, his or her opinion will keep changing and gives the reader the s...

Case of Mempa v. Rhay

The District Court agreed and ordered respondent released from custody. The Court of Appeals affirmed. In this case, I don’t agree with the outcome. The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment does not indicate that a judge has to consider alternatives to incarceration before revoking probation. Also, the original terms of the probation were that defendant receives probation with a suspen...

Derek Bentely

Also, a petion of 200 members asking for the mercy of Bentley was passed around, to which the government showed no remorse to. Many pointed out that the mental age of Bentley is younger than Craig’s and this led to these protests against the useage of Capital punishment. To conclude, Bentley’s execution was one of the principal elements that has been the cause to abolish the Capital punishment...

Criminal Investigations

4. The primary sources are used to reconstruct the past and the events leading up to the crime. The sources are records, physical evidence, and people. The people may be victims or eyewitnesses of the crime. The records would be use of stolen credit cards, forged checks, or ransom notes. The physical evidence would be shoe impressions, tool impressions, if barefoot it would be foot impressions, fi...

Biography of Charles Manson

Some people claim that the trials were biased based on the fact that Manson and his followers chose to live a “hippie” lifestyle which included the use of a number of drugs as well as free sex amongst each other. There was also a statement that president Nixon made claiming that Charles Manson was guilty whether it was directly or indirectly. Nixon claimed that he said this in order to critic...

Juvenile Offenders

A punishment that is fair to an adult may be unfair to a young person who was not aware of the penalties of his/her actions. It would therefore be unethical to give life sentences to juvenile offenders. The way laws are interpreted and applied should vary when dealing with a case in which a defendant understanding of the law is limited by intellectual and emotional immaturity. The repercussions of...

Stop Poaching

The answer is no, there is a clear difference between both of them. Well, obviously that poaching is illegal and hunting is not, and that poaching is the illegal act of killing animals out of season, without a license, with a prohibited weapon, or in an illegal manner. If you hunt without a license that is considered poaching, and poaching is hunting without the approval of the person who owns the...

Methods Of Inquiry

Physical Evidence: Any object of a material nature is potential physical evidence. Forensic medicine and criminalistics examine of physical evidence and determine the purpose, such as crime scene reconstruction or suspect identification, cause of death. Physical evidence is used in everyday affairs, people employ it in daily decision making, but extent on this kind ...

Jack Unterweger: A Psychopath?

Murdering prostitutes in grotesque ways was not something that a normal person would do, and Jack was able to do this without showing signs of nervousness. He would even appear composed and calm in interviews, openly talking about the murder charges filed against him. If I were his psychiatrist, I would use therapeutic communities as the treatment for Jack. With the help of a therapeutic community...

Sherlock Homes

Dr Roylott’s description makes the reader want to know how the crime occurred however, Boone’s description make the reader want to know ‘whodunit’ and how they did it. The Speckled Band has an obvious villain right from the very start Dr. Grimsby Roylott. The Man with the Twisted Lip does not have such a clear villain but a mere suspect the beggar, Hugh Boone, he at the moment is the only ...

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