Crime Increase Essay

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Crime Increase

It is true that many countries have been experiencing the growth of crime rate. In response many countries are building new prisons, but they are just increase the number of inmates instead of solving this problem. Perhaps, we need to look back at the roots of this issue and facing the possible causes. The TV and computer games are considered to be one of the reasons of crime level and violence increase.
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Violent actions, murders in virtual worlds or on TV screen are changing our vision of morale. I believe, that it is unrealistic to blame only the media. It is believed that the main cause of crime activity is social inequality.

A child from rich family should makes much less efforts to get education and well paid job than children from poor families, because his parents are able to pay for his education. In addition, many children from unsecured families are forced to work from the very young age to support their families. What is more, many teenagers can be addicted to drugs, what in its turn can put the end to their education and further development. Solving above-mentioned problems are not easy. We need to reduce a gap between the layers of society by providing more chances for poor people to become wealthier.

But not only the government should be involved in this, business structures should also take a part, creating jobs and improving education process. In relation to the drug spreading problem, I believe the government should start from itself and fight against the drug corruption. I believe that the crime level will continue to rise unless, particularly in cities, we find and apply an effective way to solve these issues. Perhaps, we should start from involving business to education of students and building theirs careers. Business will get more qualified workers, the government will get more taxpayers and everybody win.

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