Crime Does Not Pay Essay

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Crime Does Not Pay

Chris Paciello could be aptly described as a violent nice-looking hoodlum and lover. There was not much account on Paciello’s childhood life. However, his real name was Christian Ludwigzen and he was identified as a “thug wrapped up” in New York’s mob scene prior to his reinvention of himself in Miami. From 1987 to 1993, he was engaged in various robberies and theft cases, robbing establishments such hardware stores, video shops and pharmacies, and even pet store. He was also involved in some club and bar brawls and became in touch with the notorious gang of violent Brooklyn mobster.

However, when things got rough with him, he fled to Miami to start a fresh new life. He reinvented himself, and transformed the Miami Beach area into a prime nightlife destination through his club Liquid which became the hottest place in America, using ill-gotten funds which he extracted from his robbery activities and his connection with the gang of violent mobster back in Brooklyn. Thus, Paciello was making legal money from his illegal funds, and making good reputation in the eyes of the public out of his relationships with famous women.

In other words, he became a better person for being a womanizer. Pacillo’s connections with very popular people worked best for him as he quickly complete his own transformation. From a notorious robber connected to a dreaded gang of violent mobster, he is now a respectable, rich businessman, and lover of highly socialite women. His past crimes were already covered by the make-over he had made. He is now somebody who is greatly contributing to Miami’s economy. The question therefore is, if a person is contributing significantly to the economy, can he find favor in the law?

Perhaps this could be the reason that many of his previous court cases were either dissolve or he got acquitted. But as the saying goes “Crime does not pay,” justice never sleep. His connection with outlawed mobsters leads to his own downfall as various cases sprang up against him including a homicide case. According to one law enforcer, Paciello was facing 30 years to life in jail but this was commuted to seven years imprisonment because he gave information about the bigger bosses of the violent mobsters. Could this be a form of bribery? I do not know, but it surely does him a great deal of favor.

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