Creole language Essay Topics

Interpretation and delivery of language

I am writing to congratulate you upon being chosen to play the part of Richard in our forthcoming production of Richard III. This letter is a guide for you for how I would like the part of Richard to be acted. This shall be primarily based upon two key scenes in the play, which are… View Article

The style of language

After making my decision on the content of my presentation I had two ways of presenting it in my mind. The first was to type up the HTML source on my web site in FrontPage Express and to do my presentation on the Web and the second way was to use Word and PowerPoint. After… View Article

How does Friiel use language and stagecraft

Friels main concern, writing in the 1980s, seems to be the struggle for identity. One interpretation of the play is that Irish identity has been continually threatened since 1591. Friel writes his play in 1988 whilst living through Irish civil unrest during the troubles of northern island. By setting making history in 1951, friel is… View Article

Language and Mind

1. Which of the following statements about parameters is FALSE? a. They specify the limits on possible differences between languages b. They do not belong to Universal Grammar # c. Their values must be “set” on the basis of experience 2. From the viewpoint of the principles-and-parameters theory, the process of language acquisition consists of:… View Article