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I have always perceived life to be simple. As a young child, I have always been that ordinary child whom people expected little of. I could do anything to anyone without drawing much attention. As I grew older, these were not changed. I was still branded as someone of great importance to society. I tried to live my life as quietly as possible, without anyone noticing. This is the main reason why I opt to be cremated when I die. I wanted to set up funeral arrangements with my family before I die.

I will let them know what I want once I depart from this wonderful world which I lived. Although this sounds morbid since I am still alive, I wanted to prepare myself and picture where will my remains be as I leave my family and friends. If ever I will die either by sickness or accident, I will let my family take my body to the nearest cremation center and burn it right away. As for my wake, I will ask my family to tell my friends and colleagues to visit our house and have them see a beautiful jar where my ashes are placed.

Surrounding the said jar are my pictures that tells different stories because my so many experiences with them. Cremation is less expensive than buying caskets and a burial plot. I wanted my urn to be stored in our living room so that my family will not be lonely enough whenever they miss me. I like the idea that people will think that I am still and will always be around them. I always live in simplicity and I believe that this manner of funeral tradition is simple enough for me to be remembered.

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