How is the creature presented in chapters 11-16 of Frankenstein?

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Frankenstein, the novel, was authored by a 19 year old mistress, Mary Shelley. Mary Shelley wrote her renowned gothic novel during the era where romance was at its peak and science and maths started to make its way into the world. Supposedly the inspiration of her novel came to her in her dream. After having this dream she decided to make her dream come true in the form of a book, so she wrote the novel, Frankenstein, when she was relaxing at Lake Geneva on holiday with her husband, the famous poet Percy Shelley .

The gothic novel Frankenstein is about a doctor who was manipulated by his obsessions and ambitions into creating life. When the obsessions and ambitions were overcome he realised the being he had created would cause his downfall. Chapters 11-16 are significant to the story because these chapters express the creature’s point of view showing his side of the story. As the reader progresses through the novel, prior to chapter 11 the reader merely gets the opinions of Dr Frankenstein.

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These judgments are mad to be very negative and biased towards the creature.

When Dr Frankenstein had finally achieved his life long ambition and after straining and putting countless time and effort into creating the being he wished, he presented his ‘being’ as being revolting and foul. There are many quotes from the novel where Frankenstein portrays the creature as being revolting and foul. One quote is when Frankenstein says, ‘breathless horror and disgust filled my heart’. Here Frankenstein shows his emotive side of the monster.

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Where obsessions and ambitions were filled is now replaced by horror and disgust.

This exposes the creature as a being that would fill anyone’s heart with horror and disgust. This brings a very negative view of the monster. Another quote is when Frankenstein says, ‘unable to compose my mind to sleep’. Here the doctor presents the creature as a nightmare. This is because Frankenstein was not able to go to sleep after looking at the monster. This thought of Frankenstein realising what he had done haunted his mind making it dysfunctional and unable to go to sleep.

A further quote where the creature is illustrated negatively is when Frankenstein compares it to the work of Dante. ‘A thing such as even Dante could not have conceived’. Dante during the 1800’s was known for his images of Satan and his home… Hell! So therefore Frankenstein was comparing the creature to one of Dante’s work. He wasn’t just comparing the work, he compared it in such a way where the famous artist could not able to compose a thing like Frankenstein’s monster.

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