Creativity & determining Essay

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Creativity & determining

Creativity is determining the accuracy, authenticity and worth of data and information, arguments, knowledge and claims. It is a matter of fact that creativity and creative thinking are the vital components of organizational strategy and planning, because it helps to deal with challenges. Creativity helps experts to develop new approaches to attract new customers and to retain the power on the old ones. Organization has to be creative in its thinking whether in creating unique promotional plan, finding technical solution to existing problem, designing new web site or devising a differentiating channel distribution model.

(Harris 1998) Creative employees are more open to opposing ideas and arguments and considering the advantages and drawbacks of each one, learning something new and creative from others, etc. Creativity helps to develop the habit of analyzing and to think about problematic issues instead of reacting to them. They take these claims apart and then see what is going on with them. Many creative ideas are lost because of lack of attention and lazy attitude towards information.

Creative thinking helps to find the best words and phrases to create a strong impression and impact on employees and customers. (Harris 1998) Creativity helps to increase brand loyalty, to increase visibility and awareness of the goods and services that are being delivered, to stimulate increase in sales, to create opportunities to display products, to be socially responsible and, finally, to entertain customers and prospects. Creativity develops awareness in employees and managers. It means that they are able to look a round and to encompass the universe of thought.

They will be aware of different approaches available to problem solving. Creativity together with strong imagination is the best combination for a respected organization, because they allow him/her to play with data and to sort it in many different creative ways. Creativity provides with possible ways of verbal and non-verbal manipulations. (Harris 1998) References Harris, Robert. (1998, July 1). Introduction to Creative Thinking. Retrieved March 16, 2007, from http://www. virtualsalt. com/crebook1. htm

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