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Creativity and Repetitive Copying in the Entertainment Business

There is a very evident nature of copying in all forms of fields, be it science, arts or anything. People have got so involved in using someone else’s idea and representing them in their own way that it directly reflects the lack of originality and creativity. Keeping this aspect in mind, let us talk about the repetitive copying that happens in the world of Entertainment Business.

We are very much aware of a particular industry copying the works of other industry and present them to the audience with slight or no change.

All the major change includes language, actors and songs. Rest everything can be seen as a mirror image of the original source. In India, what we majorly hear is Bollywood copying from Hollywood and from many other sources. Does this make us proud? Even if the movie gets exceptional reviews, do the makers truly deserve the credit as it was not born out of their own mind?

It is not that only our movie industry copies every industry copies many of their works from various sources, but let’s be bothered about our country.

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It feels very bad that we hear “this Indian movie is an adaptation of Hollywood’s…” very often. It’s like every movie that gets released is a remake of some other script, thus loses the originality in the very first place. It is fine to remake a great movie in some other language and display it in front of the Indian people but this comes with a lot of great responsibility.

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One has to maintain the greatness of the original piece failing to which comes a lot of negative criticism. This may also effect on the essence of the first movie. But there are several remake movies that have been a disaster and that is why remaking is so frowned upon. Also, this does not give the right to remake every movie and completely base our industry on other’s ideas and creation we need to have our own inaugural content.

It is very easy to come out with a plagiarized work but in Showbiz, it is not that easy to simply present the copied story line. It takes a lot of hard work and should be in such manner that it captures the magic of the original work. But, though it is a hard task, no one should make it a habit of building something that is based on someone else’s harder work. Doubtlessly, we are blessed with many creative geniuses par excellence and this often remaking does not reflect well upon us.

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