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Creativity and innovation management

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Essay, Pages 13 (3181 words)



Essay, Pages 13 (3181 words)

Creativity and innovation management Establishment of an enterprise entails making profit through production of products that satisfy the customer and at the same time maintain the social and environment effects of the production. The growth and development of enterprise will thus have supportive elements that ensure that each period in production brings a difference to the business. The comparison of the first automobile in the world cannot be compared to the current automobiles.

There Is a difference In the safety measures and the efficiency in fuel consumption this is because of the innovation and creative management that promote sustainability.

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Creating a difference involves building of an environment In which new Ideas are developed and nurtured to meet specific goals of an organization. Creative management is been used by Volkswagen Hong Kong to ensure that consumers are satisfied in the quality of the automobile they assemble. The difference between a model of the 20th century and the 21 SST century can attest.

Creative management enables an idea to shape into a business model that will ensure that the needs of the consumer are catered for at the same time creating revenue for the organization.

However, the Idea has analysis before conceptualization into a business model. Innovative management enables the organization to develop the idea into a business model (Malory, 2000). It provides for the analysis of the Idea In light of the profitability and value addition to the company, the consumer and the social aspect.

Creative management is the way practices of management are practiced to enable the development of new ideas in the organization (Yankee & Deflectable.

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2002). New Ideas In the organization Improve efficiency in production and enrich the customers satisfaction through value addition while improving the organizations revenue. The development of the new ideas is because of Innovative management that provides for the development of the Ideas into a viable business model.

Importance of mission and vision in idea development The mission of an organization gives its goals. It aims to illustrate its stakeholders and define on the way it will follow to fulfill Its mandated objective. Exposing how an organization will purpose to fulfill its objective however, is not open to all and thus the public get to know of how they will benefit from the fulfillment of the objectives. Volkswagen mission statement stipulates its objective as becoming the leading automaker by 2018- economically and ecologically through the Strategy 2018.

This will Involve a long term strategic planning, technological excellence and teamwork. However, most of the strategies like the Volkswagen leave out the mall objective and only give a summary to avoid duplication of their ideas and have a competitive advantage. An organization mission can be sustainable in presence of a vision. The vision creates an Ideal future for the organization; how the organization will be In the coming years.

The visions allows the management to define the ways its resources need to be allocated, what products to be produced, the qualifications of the employees, the culture of the organization, how the outsiders and the Insiders perceive the culture of the organization and the social implications of the organization. Its products uniquely The need for Volkswagen to increase competitive services in their automobiles is by patenting their products. This protects their product from duplication. The organization believes that their vehicles will at times be duplicated but no automobile assembler will ever meet it level.

The product only becomes public during its centralization. This enables it to provide for its customers automobiles that come with different features compared to their predecessors. For example the Volkswagen Golf is more far off improved compared to 1974 original model. ONE THING. ONE CAR concept used by the Volkswagen Hong Kong in 28 February 2013 showed that the new Golf brought about new features that created new experience to drivers. It’s the one thing that each consumer will thirst for, thus creating a want to consumers that would farther increase their sales.

Diving of the sales will certainly rate more sales to the organization. Special sales for the new idea New ideas enjoy monopolistic market since they are the first in the market. The company uses this to enjoy premium revenue since they face no rivalry. However, in the case of competition the organization lowers its price so to stay at par in the market while still improving on the business model to enjoy the competitive advantage. Expansion of the brand name in the market The Golf GET in Hong Kong was unveiled later in 28 February 2013 but in Berlin it was on September 2012.

A hundred thousand units had been ordered by the European market only. Managing creativity creates morale in the Volkswagen Hong Kong since it believed that such sales also would occur in Hong Kong. This hope is what the mission of the entire Volkswagen works for- to be the leading automaker by 2018. This expansion in the automobile industry has provided for the opportunity of Volkswagen to collaborate with Km Lung Motor Group based on each other’s strength. The features of the new Golf create a want to the consumer who will want to have an experience in it.

This creates a demand in the market, which if the organization improves its production efficiency allows it to rule the market. Their rand will sell leading to increased revenue, which every organization dreams. The increase in the market share coupled with some barriers since the other competitor will try to ape the Volkswagen technology. The organization will thus have to treat their success as a step to more improvement to the previous technological advancement. Innovative management will be critical in that any new concept that will come up, for example based on the customer remarks, will have to be considered.

Improvement in the features always keeps the customer satisfied and loyal to the brand. The six generations of the Volkswagen Golf is a good example for he demonstration of effective management of the need of growth of each concept. This will always create a difference in what the driver has previous driven and in what he intend to enjoy in the newer model. Think Blue concept is all about increasing durability and enhancing the environmental sustainability of Volkswagen vehicles. The need to conserve the environment is generally extensive globally thus, every consumer is longing for an environmental friendly product.

Volkswagen has used this to teach their customers this concept by producing new features like ITS and EDIT engines that improve the rogue of the vehicles as low as 2000 rotations per minute. This technology reduces the noise pollution and fuel consumption. This concept, Think Blue, promotes the sales of Volkswagen vehicles since the vehicles in addition to their environmental sustainability lies less fuel-saving tips and increase in the efficiency of the automobile. Volkswagen is made of shareholders who fund the organization.

The demand for the automobiles creates more revenues, which increases their divided accumulation. The motivation to produce more automobiles heighten Improved sales to a company bolster confidence to employees since the get to see he fruit of their work. However to ensure that the motivation lives Volkswagen provides for integrated programs that balance the work and life balance. Enhanced system and process Any new idea in the organization may be incompatible with the available systems thus; it leads to adoption of better system that will ensure that the business model works.

This may lead to the current number of robots increased or improved or even the reduction or increase in the number of employees in the production unit. Motivation of the workers to improve the production efficiency of the firm Every organization aspires to be the leading in their field, for Volkswagen, it believes in becoming the leading automobile seller by their year 2018. In order to achieve this they have set out their strategy based on improving the working conditions of their employees who contribute enormously in their outstanding features of their automobiles.

They reward their employees in accordance with the success of their sales; however, the organization also aims to improve the personal and professional growth. The company conducts a survey every year so that it can measure the degree t which the board opinions rhyme with their employees’ opinion. The organization then endeavor to work any concerns by employees concern by relaying their feedback to them and involving them in open session through which it enables workers advice on way of addressing their concern. By doing, this Volkswagen is able to create an enabling environment through which the workers strive to envision their set goals.

Motivation of the workers by the management addressing their concern allows for the employees putting across their suggestions to improve on the creativity of the production. Sustaining the change in the organization. Generations come and go in an organization all have different ideas that keep the perpetuity of an organization running. Innovative management will involve the developing of every new generation in Volkswagen Hong Kong. Students are sponsored to study in technical institute and later taken up by the organization and trained so as they can now shape up their carrier.

Such persons in the society bring up new ideas in the organization which when improved to business model lead to the organization flourishing. The organization innovative managers create an is smooth. This adds to them knowledge of the company thus enriching them with he know of how to develop their new ideas and their importance. The transition teaches new employees on the ways of identifying problems, forming questions, improving their outcomes and acting to build business models. Volkswagen does this using their Knowledge Relay program.

Knowledge Relay allows the Volkswagen successors reap from their predecessor’s knowledge of how to handle development and change. Volkswagen headquarters in Germany have initiated a cross-pollination in which managers from various subsidiaries of their company come together for supporting the process of innovation and creativity. This enables them to bring up ideas they have and collectively develop it to for purpose of developing a business model. This program enables them to share on how they manage different problems within their company to provide for an enabling idea development within their respective subsidiary.

Overcoming the political, bureaucratic and resources as the main barriers of innovation and creative management Resources are scarce in nature and their allocation has to work efficiently out for satisfaction of the organization needs. Volkswagen understands this and has initiated Think Blue concept. This concept drives at sustainable environment features into heir automobiles. An example is their concept capability to ensure that automobiles are able to use as little fuel as possible coupled with increase in speed.

By doing this, they are able to conserve fuel for the future, which their newer efficient models will need. In an economy, the government is the main purchaser of goods and services. Its use to calculate the average expenditure of either a closed or an open economy. New business models need purchase since they aim to increase the economic growth of any given country. If the overspent does not take the initiative to buy the idea, the innovation deems useless since it brings not any efficiency in production.

Elimination of Political barriers by governments to ensure that there is no technological stagnation in the economy. Governments have turned to strict measures in controlling creative ideas since some have resulted to breaching of public security and violated environmental sustainability. This has resulted in tough rules aimed at curbing most of the ideas introduced in the market. There have also been costs associated with any idea development since there is procurement of licenses. In light of bureaucracy as a barrier to effective innovative and creative management processes.

Organizations need insure and patent their ideas as a way of ensuring that every idea developer sees his idea grow into a business model (Stewarded & Pigpens, 2013). Risk and uncertainty management Risk means that a there is a defined target which has supportive information to support it (Lund, et al. , 2010). Volkswagen ensures that consumer’s requirement is looked after to ensure they are looked after and have relevance to the consumer. This is done by conducting analyses based on the trend analyses and customers’ feedback n expected automobile features.

Identification and definition of the risk and its risk policies. The policies define how the problem will be handled from idea generation up to its conceptualization and how they will be handled. Risks analyses allow the organization to budget for long-term production. The risks factored are developing products on timeliness, developing a product to required capital standards and developing a product in line with costs specification. These risks have to be controlled to ensure that appropriate counter measures are in place the event of deviations.

On financial liquidity, the company the company has had to develop a comprehensive liquidity risk management system to ensure that the business run continuously. Uncertainties are different from the risk because their outcome cannot be insured against. The main uncertainties in Volkswagen arise from macroeconomic, research and development, sector-specific risk. Macroeconomics uncertainties’ affect the global economic expansion of Volkswagen They include imbalances in foreign trade, volatile financial markets and geopolitical risks due to the ongoing tension in the Middle East and North Africa.

The structural changes in the developed countries are also affecting the investment decision of the organization since most of the businesses have reduced investment. Sector-specific uncertainties’ such as the prevailing global economic slowdown could render production in some countries economically wasteful due to reduced purchase of automobiles. There has also been a case of climate change that has seen government regulating the number and production of automobiles, example in Beijing which a market of the automobiles from Hong Kong.

However, this has led to Volkswagen producing the Think Blue incept that produces ecological sustainable automobiles. To reduce the effects of the regulation in some countries whereas the organization wants to grow Volkswagen has taken a step to introduce partnerships that will allow it grow in other areas. Mitigating the effects of barriers of creativity and innovation barriers in organization The Higgins technique (Higgins, 2005) is a better way of solving conflicts in the organizational implementation of creative and innovative management.

It involves analyzing the environment to find problems or opportunities. This may be costly though but it entails collecting data externally and internally. Example collecting views from the employees like Volkswagen does to find the opinions on running the organization. It may also involve finding from drivers the feeling on their new models. These questions will allow the board to tackle problems that may have reduced their business model expectations without their know. After the information is collected, the managers will now use the information to detect from which area the problem arose.

At times, the problem may take long but the managers may take their time to picture out from their findings what the problem would be. Volkswagen have ride to work out this way by giving their workers an open session in which they get to understand what they problems are in case of any misunderstanding. Identifying the problem. This involves identifying the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms of the problem. It will entail setting objectives of how to fix the cause of the problem and create a way to test whether the problem has ceased.

The problem identification gives way for the development of hypothesis. Hypothesis allows for critical thinking on a new model. Asking how the people will think of the new model. Development on options that resolve the problem. External and internal expertise is important in the sense that it allows for the development of the best alternatives based on their effectiveness and the best cost needed for its implementation. Analysis of several alternatives to choose from them the most efficient model that reduces the problem effects effectively.

The alternative model has to own up an impact that mitigates the problem. Example is by using the Think Blue concept the Volkswagen engineers were able to increase speed of their vehicles while reducing fuel consumption and reduce energy use in the control of the automobile imperative by using CEO-friendly temperature control system. The model has to be environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable as it fulfills its mandate economically. Implementation of most efficient model tests for its effectiveness. This involves setting goals and timeliness for creation of the model.

Implementation will entail the use of finances to create the model. The right procedure is followed by ensuring that every detail is accounted for Creative management allows for the control of opportunity or problem solving technique to ensure that it deviates not from solving its intended purpose. Finally, the results of the model efficiency are eased to test to which extent the model has solved for the problem. The model may not be ideal in efficiency thus the model developers have to admit in case of any deficiency though they should ensure that the confidence level is high.

This will now be the onset of new creative problem solving if the model is successful. Incubation and systematic process are important in the development of a problem or opportunity into a business model. The incubation period involves the generation of an idea, which, example in Volkswagen, is shared among members who then add ore knowledge in aim of developing it to business model. After this, the model is subjected to a systematic process in which it is controlled to reach a business model. Developing a communication strategy for the mitigating the effects of barriers of innovative and creative management.

Econometrics in economics has proved that acts of the human being are nondeterministic. A communication strategy should try to emphasize on the need to ensure that the strategy is effective and efficient. Creative management takes into consideration the need for knowledge on what the organization vision and goals are. This allows teamwork in fulfilling its mandate. In developing a communication strategy the organization need consider objectives, audience, message, media, resources and time scales, evaluation and training. The objective of the organization weighs most during communication.

It has to contain the convincing power that the organization is committed. The organization aims at ensuring that the information reaches the ultimate user. The ultimate receiver is then unidentified for purpose of determining how the message will be formulated. The message development is later based on the needs of the user example message en targeted for sports utility and heavy commercial automobiles differ because the drivers differ on how the use the automobiles. The message addressing to the audience through appropriate media.

An organization has to choose the media that they perceive to be the best in reaching out to correct audience, example the internet. Fulfilling the message forms the core of the organization success. An organization that fulfils what it promises strengthens the consumer loyalty. The feedback in order to determine whether the selection communication strategy was well. An efficient communication strategy creates room for innovation and creative ideas in the organization since instructions in the organization are addressed effectively.

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