Creative Writing: A Gothic Story

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Not far from their grandfathers home, James, Mark and William, played together. They were bros, all with similar features. A mop of golden hair lay lightly on their heads. They played a tiresome video game of ‘conceal and look for’ in the neighboring woods. James being the eldest young boy decided to check out the darker side of the woods. Mark and William followed eagerly.

They discovered an old, deserted home. The shattered windows lay between the thick garden of weeds.

Initially they explored the downstairs, discovering absolutely nothing but a few discarded cigarette ends, left by a passing ‘bad guy’ group. So they went upstairs.

There was just one door upstairs so gradually James opened it. Their stomachs summer salted within them. Resting on the flooring in the corner was a skeleton. They leaped down the stairs and sprinted out of the home.

That night when they all slept, James had a dream. He was back in the old home, in the little room upstairs.

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Still being in the corner was the skeleton, however it was moving, rocking. It began to speak with him, ‘Why do you run? I will not injure you. Come here, come!’ The skeleton repeated this up until James woke awoke. It called through is head. Driven by an unnatural force, James got dressed and headed into the woods.

He walked into the little dark space. Still being in the corner, the skeleton rocked. James might just construct a smile on the skeleton’s face. The skeleton whispered ‘I have actually got him, I have actually got him!’

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Awoken suddenly by far off screams William, Mark and their Grandpa stayed up in their beds.

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Acknowledging James’ voice they all ran out into the woods, towards the not so deserted house.

In the hall method of the deserted home granddad sat Mark and William down and explained, ‘You remain here while I try to find your bro.’ So with a knife held firmly in one hand, Granddad climbed the stairs.

He entered the room, he saw the smiling skeleton, however no James. All of a sudden the skeleton laughed, ‘I have actually got them all, I’ve got them all.’

William and Mark looked nervously around them. They were shocked by a voice from upstairs. It sounded like James’,” Come up, turn up, I tricked you! It’s enjoyable up here!” So the young boys hurried the stairs into the bed room, all set to give James a great kick.

They opened the door and walked boldly into the dim room. Mark fell over an object on the floor. William pulled out a lighter from his pocket and passed it to Mark. Mark gave him a disapproving look but did not refuse the lighter.

He lit it close to the object on the floor. Lying on the floor was their granddad with his eyes ripped out of his head. They screamed and turned for the door, but it slammed in their face. Standing behind the door was their brother, with his eyes ripped out of their sockets also. He held a candle so the room was lit up with a gloomy flicker. Something tapped them from behind on their shoulders. They turned and standing behind them was the skeleton smiling.

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