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Creative Writing

The car sped off and all I could think was, “Who are these people and what they do they want from me? ” Blindfolded and made mute by a piece of cloth that was tied amid my upper and lower jaw, I knew that what lay ahead was not for my benefit and my struggle to free myself would be futile. As tears rolled down my chin, I succumbed to the prison life that I had been entitled to and the next thing I recall was waking up in an isolated warehouse. It then hit me that I had been kidnapped. This sent chills down my spine making it hard for me to strategize a way out.

I searched frantically for my phone which as I recalled was in my pocket. As I felt the phone in my pocket, my heart started pounding as anticipation and anxiety took the better part of me since I knew this could be my rescue weapon and my way out. I took out the phone and switched it on once, twice, and thrice and that is when I realized that my phone battery was missing. Tears of fear crowded my face as I knew my efforts of trying to escape were futile and doom was all that awaited me.

As I gained composure, I heard a voice saying, “Ha hahahahahaha……….so how many people have you called to the rescue”. Looking at the direction leading to the door, I saw a large stout man looking at me while smiling. This even made me more scared since I knew there was no way I would fight this guys unless there was divine intervention. He started walking towards me and with each step he took; my heart would pound twice as my knee joints became weak to the point where my legs were unable to support my body weight (Ibach 2009). And with this I fell to the ground. He stood beside me, started stroking my hair and said, “State house is your life whereas ghetto is our life.

With this phone you are going to tell your father who apparently is our president to quit running for presidency or else I will blow your head off, do similar act to your siblings before I get to your father. I will be back, we make the phone call. ” Uttering no other word, he stood and left. His words left me flabbergasted as I knew I was in a dilemma. One that involved risking the lives of my family or letting my father’s dream to run for presidency the second time be just a dream and not a reality. Reference Ibach, H. (2009). How to Write an Inspired Creative Brief. Michigan: iUniverse Publishers.

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