John Steinbeck section Essay

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John Steinbeck section

“Yea, an’ besides we gunna have to if we wanna have any fun, you know, won’t be much fun jus’ me and George. ” Candy observed innocently. Slim chuckled fondly, while George whispered a soft, “Yea, won’t be much fun… ” He sighed contemplatively and looked down at the ground in deep thought. He was jerked out of his daydream at the sound of a bullet, the bullet coming from Carlson’s gun. He looked up and around at the nearby tree, the tree that towered over the ranch, casting a long shadow over a part of the bunkhouse.

He took one last glance and turned away. The gunshot was heard again as Carlson pulled closer to the cart. “Can’t let ya leave wit’ out saying goodbye… ya kno’… ” Carlson shifted uncomfortably while looking down at the ground. “Ok then. Thanks for the concern. ” George said abruptly. “ppreciate it. ” With that, George joined Candy at the front of the cart, and set off. A few days had passed and things seemed to be going as slow as ever, the days seemed like months and the nights like years.

Nothing exciting had happened to George and Candy, all except for a frog that was hopping along. The monotonous sound of the horse’s hooves threatened to send George into a deep slumber. And Candy, he just sat next to George occasionally lifting his left hand to rub his stumped wrist. Just then, a woman appeared. Not just any woman, the most beautiful woman in the world according to George. Her light brown hair with streaks of a deep red that almost looked brown in the light was delicately waved.

It framed her oval face perfectly. Her emerald green eyes looked at George wistfully, as if to decide whether he was approachable. Her soft pink lips parted as she slid her perfectly manicured fingers into her mouth. She whistled at the cart to grab George’s already given attention. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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