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The spider raise Essay

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They looked up and saw a twenty five foot spider looking down at them with its eight eyes. Beth screamed. The spider raised its abdomen and shot a sticky string at her. She tried to run but the web stopped her. Beth’s body was wrapped up in a silk tomb. Harry could still hear her screaming. ‘HELP! ‘ The spider came down from its web. It stabbed its sting into her back, injecting her with a nerve poison. Beth screamed louder than before.

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Her body began to shake. She fell to the ground. The spider then dragged her body back up to its web. Harry could still hear faint screaming. Then it stopped.

Her body was, twitching like someone who has just drank five cups of coffee. Harry ran backwards, but he tripped over a bone. Looking into the darkness, He heard a buzzing. A giant bug flew out and It grabbed him with two of its six hue legs, its large, bulbous eyes stared at him. The buzzing from its wings almost deafened him. It took him up to its nest. It pinned him down and spayed a liquid into his face. His face started to burn. His eyes started to melt. Harry started screaming. Giant maggots came out of the nest. They hadn’t eaten in years. They bit into Harry. They ripped his body limb from limb.

The maggots then ate the rest of his body while the bug flew back into the darkness. Waiting for the next unsuspecting victim to wander into is trap. Guy, Lorna and Laura were waiting in the other tunnel. They were starting to get hungry. ‘Look over there,’ said Lorna, ‘there is a light, maybe there is some food. ‘ The group moved down the tunnel. When the group got to the light hundreds maybe thousands of zombies were stumbling about in front of them. Laura screamed. The noise had attracted the zombie’s attention. ‘Right you two, get out. I’ll run down there and maybe the zombies will follow me.

‘ Said Lorna, bravely, ‘Good luck. ‘ ‘Thanks Lorna,’ said the pair. She ran off making loads of noise and waving her arms about. The zombies followed her down another tunnel. ‘Come on, let’s get out. ‘ Guy noticed an opening in the roof. ‘Up there; an escape’ Guy said quickly. Guy and Laura heard a scream from down the tunnel. The zombies had caught up with Lorna. The pair ran up some ladders up to a metal platform. ‘Quick move. Laura you first. ‘ Laura had gotten through the hole in the ceiling when a zombie came up behind guy and grabbed him. It pulled him to the ground. ‘NO! GUY! ‘ screamed Laura. ‘QUICK! SAVE YOURS…

‘ Guy was cut off. The zombie ripped open his torso. Laura could see all of Guy’s internal organs. His heart was still beating slowly. Guy screamed. Then stopped moving. The zombie plunged his hand into Guy’s corpse like a policeman dunking a jam doughnut into a hot cup of coffee. He got a hand full of Guy’s intestines and brought it to its rotten mouth. It sunk its teeth into the organs. Blood dropped onto is ripped, stained shirt. ‘No! ‘ Laura wept. She crawled out of the hole and stood on top of the mountain. She stopped and thought of all of her friends, Eliot, Lorna, Guy, Beth, Harry, Ellie, Sam and Nadim.

Tears streamed down her face and dripped onto the sandy floor, making a small puddle. Suddenly a pair of blood stained hands burst out. They latched on to her foot. Holding on as tight as it could. Laura yelled. The zombie pulled Laura back towards the hole she crawled through. She dropped back through the floor. She could see guys body. He was pale. Laura was screaming. The zombies that were distracted had come back. Laura could see familiar faces in the crowd of death. Eliot, Lorna, Ellie and Nadim were lurching towards her. She looked back over to Guy. His body started to move. He stood up.

His liver and stomach fell from his body and splattered on the ground. His ribcage swung back and forth like saloon doors in a gale. Laura jumped down from the platform. ‘Come on! You’re going to have me, so have me! ‘ Laura shouted. She ran into the middle of the crowd yelling. A scream echoed through the cave. Then it all went quiet. Nothing could be heard apart from the groaning of the dead. By James Haselden 10T1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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