Creative thinking process

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A. Case 5.1

1. How did the creative thinking process work in the development of this product? Describe what took place in each of the four steps. Phase 1: Background or knowledge accumulation—The 3M manager wanted something that could mark the hymnal pages in order for him to be able find them fast, but did not know what could. Phase 2: The incubation process— The 3M manager knew bookmark is not the solution because it could fall out. Phase 3: The idea experience—He realized he needed something that could adhere to the paper, but would not rip it, so he asked if there was an adhesive that’s been made that could do that.

Phase 4: Evaluation and implementation—He had his members find the not-yet-marketed adhesive and had the glue applied to paper, and later show other people like secretaries on his new “attachable” notes.

2. Why did the manager have the Post-it notes sent to secretaries throughout the company? What was his objective in doing this? He knew the secretaries would be able to use them throughout their work, and he wanted to create a word of mouth buzz to get people talking about the newly made products.

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3. What type of innovation was this—invention, extension, duplication, or synthesis? Defend your answer. This innovation was an extension to the bookmark. Bookmarks basically started as pieces of paper saving a spot for future reading. So, by adding adhesive to the paper, it is clearly an extension of a product that has already been made because it created a new use for bookmarks technically.

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4. Which of the sources of innovative ideas discussed in the chapter help account for this product’s success? Explain in detail. It is a process source because the post-it notes are basically bookmarks, but have been innovated to be a better, more useful alternative for a variety of situations and jobs. Post-its are more dependable and therefore easier to use than bookmarks because it is harder to lose them.

B. Case 7.1

1. Is anything unique about Chris’s idea? Explain.

The washable vinyl, the house bigger larger, and the house representing the owner’s actual home are basically the only few unique aspects of the doghouse. All other aspects, like the dog’s name, insulation, and shingles are kind of givens when it comes to having a doghouse especially if the dog is usually kept outside most of the time, especially in places where the weather is mildly unpredictable. 2. What is the first thing he should do to follow up on his idea? Explain. I feel like Chris should definitely look up the success of personal construction businesses, especially ones for animals like this doghouse venture. Sure, it seems like a simple and logical business venture, but I think he needs to think about whether or not this is something potential consumers really want to buy.

Hence Chris needs to figure out his target market and do research on them. 3. When this is done, what else should Chris do? Outline a general course of action of him. Once he hopefully finds an effective target market, he should find an individual or small company that would be interested in building the doghouses for his new venture. How much would he be paying the contractor per house? How is he going to market the new venture? Will he have an online website in addition to newspaper and word of mouth marketing? If the business does end up being successful, Chris could also be thinking about other similar products that could be built like dog or cat beds, fish tanks, and doghouse accessories/ideas (e.g. porches or making portable doghouses).

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