Creative Thinker: Steve Jobs Essay

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Creative Thinker: Steve Jobs

Creative thinkers have been critical to where we are today. Going back to caveman times, the humans who thought outside the box were the ones that survived. But, not only barely survived, survived as the alpha predator. The invention of fire and weapons, paved the way for human civilizations. Each period of time has creative thinkers that have advanced the human race. Without creative thinking, people would still be living off the land, without technology. When thinking about innovators of my generation, the first name that comes to mind is Steve Jobs. People around the world are familiar with this name. As co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc., Steve Jobs put Apple products on the map. Apple products are extremely popular and even through the tough economical times, the company has thrived. Even though the price point of Apple products are significantly more expensive than copycat products, Apple continues to grow through a harsh economy.

These disruptive innovations has definitely been a disruption to the marketplace, because there was nothing like these products out there. Because of Apple’s technology, many companies have been able to create products that mimic those of Apple’s. Steve Jobs was the force behind all these products that have dominated the market for years now. The iPhone, iPod, iMac, and iPad, are known and used worldwide. Steve Jobs left Apple once and when he returned as CEO, he managed to bring the company out of bankruptcy. Not just anyone could have done this. It took a creative thinker, a person who thought out of the box. Now these products can be advanced by incremental innovations, and they have been.

The products are being upgraded and updated all the time. Not only did Steve Jobs bring Apple to fame, he also was co-founder of the incredibly innovative, Disney’s Pixar. When Pixar came to the market, no one had ever seen such imaginative and beautiful images. Movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo are worldwide classics that can transcend through the generations. Steve Jobs was an executive producer of Toy Story. Unfortunately, like most great thinkers, Steve Jobs’ life was cut short due to cancer. His leadership, creativity and innovation has inspired the company to follow in his footsteps.

The news of his passing shocked the world, because he was such an icon of modern times. His inventions were monumental and they will be modernized and made more technologically advanced as the years pass. Steve Jobs is an inspiration to the world. Innovation and creativity is what keeps challenging the human race. If our process of thinking wasn’t creative and meaningful, then what is our purpose here on Earth. New inventions are created every day, whether they are incremental innovations or disruptive. These inventions help to keep technology moving forward to adapt to the needs of our future generations.

As a whole, we need to encourage younger generations to think outside the box, and not rely on the technology they are using to think for them. Intelligence must be exercised and unfortunately, younger generations seem to depend more on technology rather than think on their own. This can be disturbing for older generations. There are generations that do not know what it was like without cell phones and computers. These generations have no idea how far we have come as citizens of the United States and the citizens of the world. Hopefully, creative innovators will keep thriving to create and expand on what is, so that we have a bright future.

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