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Creative Story

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Essay, Pages 2 (264 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (264 words)

Invasion is more harmful to a country than we really understand. Occupation or invasion is a foreign concept to all of us. Living on the other side of the world that doesn’t go through such agony, we don’t tend to understand how it feels to live under military occupation. The proper definition of an occupation is when a foreign army occupies your land, physically and controls your life.

What are the consequences of this? Well, this leads to the country being ruled by violence rather than a systematic order of government they were promised.

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People who will oppose this invasion will fight the authorities in the form of protests, bombs etc. This will result in innocence lives being lost both on their side and our soliders . This will also emotionally affect the families of the soldiers. So, we can see that an occupation can affect both the people of that country and the people of the country that invades it.

In addition the violence will make every citizen feel unsafe in their own homes. Imagine living everyday with the fear of being bombed any time. In Iraq, a family was forced out of their home by the military. When the husband protested, he was thrown into jail. The wife and the children were left to live on the streets. One of her daughters attempted to hang herself because she couldn’t tolerate living in the sun anymore. These are people just like us, they don’t deserve to live like this.

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It is selfish to occupy other countries so we can stay safe in ours.

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