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Creative Photography

This paper would seek to provide a comparative analysis between some of the most talented and creative photographers ever introduced to this genre of arts by examining their individual creative sense and sensibilities. Annie Leibovitz, Diane Arbus and lastly Richard Avedon. All three had three equally different styles and were truly exceptional in their own styles. Annie Leibovitz established herself as a photographer who was truly experimental as was indicated by her images and hence, was widely recognized as someone who was not afraid to portray what she truly believed in.

In fact her sudden rise to fame and popularity at the tender age of 20 resulted in her being one of the most revered photographers of the modern times. One of her most famous photos was that of John Lennon as it highlighted Lennon as he was; an unpretentious image who was unfazed by all the popularity and success and hence, this image showcased Leibovitz’s ability to capture the “inner” sense of people-to go beyond the mere public image.

Her bold and modern images such as that of John Lennon and his wife were an indicator of Leibovitz’s ability to capture the essence of emotions and relationships; a highly intriguing concept for this photographer. This image represented the strong connected between the pair and was a landmark in the sense that it allowed the viewer to connect with John Lennon and his wife’s emotions.

Throughout her career, Leibovitz has always been considering something of a controversy as a result of her ability to capture images under a theme of subtle nudity. This very ability allow this artist to portray an image of honesty and over time, this same creative talent has been inconsistent as she moved across different forums and themes but there has always been a need to capture the inner honestly and emotion.

In comparison to this, Richard Avedon was a photographer who was more interested in the way images could be used to highlight the soul and the personality of the person in question. His main source for taking cameras was his 8 by 10 camera which became sinuous with his name and he was widely recognized for his ability to take large images of famous faces. He focused more on people who made up the list of commoners and hence, his work titled the American West was criticized for showing a negative imagery of American cultural system.

Audrey Hepburn was his muse and this signifies the extent to which Avedon’s talent was appreciated by his peers and other people alike and he himself however, felt that he could not translate Hepburn’s personality on camera due to its immense height. The last photographer who would be analyzed and compared would be Diane Arbus, who represented a totally different creative sense from the other two; one who believed in capturing the emotions while the other wanted to capture the inner soul.

The mediums used by both were quite different as were their focuses as while Annie focused more on the capturing the famous faces, Richard showed an extensive interest in the commoners. Diane Arbus however, showed an entirely different creative sense as she focused more on capturing the relationships between specific people and a bond was highlighted which was not considered to be in tune with the normal bonds.

She has been perceived as one of the most influential members of the photography genre as a result of her unfailing ability to capture a side of her subjects which seemed to want a sense of understanding on the behalf of the viewer. John Szarkowski ‘s exhibition of her works made Diane Arbus one of the most recognizable faces of photograph and her eventual suicide portrayed the tragedy of a woman who seemed incline to capture the more tragic aspect of her characters unlike the aforementioned artists who were in touch with other aspects of their subjects.

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