Creative Arts Essay

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Creative Arts

This lecture enhances the creativity of the students by cultivating their interest in music. Various activities using different mediums like listening to CDs or watching musical shows help in having a better understanding of the lecture. Though the lecture may seem filled with fun activities, the lecture also focuses on teaching about the technical terms commonly used in studying music. Analysis In this lecture, I have learned that it is important to have interaction with the students in order to determine their learning progress.

Also, having an activity that would sum all the lectures would be beneficial in measuring the student’s learning curve. Week 1 Visual Arts Description The teaching strategy used to teach the visual arts is methodical wherein the basic ideas are introduced about visual arts followed by an activity to put into practice what the students learned in class. More so, to teach kids about visual arts, use examples that theu can easily relate like cartoons or anything that is related to the interest of children. Meanwhile, for an older audience, use images or samples that apply to their generation so that they can quickly understand the lesson.

Analysis Going through the lesson plan, I have noticed that beyond the explanation of basic visual art terminologies and the description of numerous artworks, art appreciation was also included. Art can be very subjective so the interpretation of a piece of art can be derived from one’s opinion. Because of this art appreciation can be very limited but by teaching the objective and academic way of assessing artworks, ordinary people can obtain a better understanding and respect for the world of visual arts. Week 4 Dance Description

This lecture shows how and why students should learn the art of dancing. I personally like the part that encourages students to craft their own moves to express their knowledge and judgment about dancing. Through this, one can really value the importance of this art form in a particular culture. Analysis I have learned that dancing can enhance or stimulate several types of intelligence including visual-spatial, interpersonal and others. Also, I have realized that dancing is not just movement but it also help in boosting self-esteem and enhancing social skills.

Week 6 Drama Description Teaching drama requires focus and self-discovery. Students can use words or images to invoke emotions. To do this, one still needs to conduct research in order to realistically play a specific role. Also, it would be better to perform in front of other people so that you will be given criticisms on how to improve your acting skills. This will also be an opportunity to interact with other actors. Analysis Prior to reading this lecture, I have always associated drama with just acting out roles like what I see in the movies and television programs.

Drama is more than what it seems. It involves a lot of concentration, dedication and understanding about different things in life. More so, every part of the body is used in this art form to convey a message or a story. Week 10 Arts and Literacy Description This lecture provides provide children with holistic and meaningful learning experiences. It uses integration to make the change from learning facts to understanding and applying concepts to developing generic skills for living and working.

Analysis I think syntegration is a great way to teach arts and literacy. This is a process wherein subjects are working together synergistically to explore a theme, concept or focus question, while achieving their own outcomes as well as generic outcomes. Through this, students are able to value and fully appreciate what they learn in class. Week 11 Thematic Integration Learning Description A simple element like the colors of the rainbow can be used to learn about the different forms of art.

Through definition and application, students can determine how to relate one form of art to another. Analysis I like the idea of having different stages in learning. First by exploring, then followed by developing the skills involved and lastly would be reflecting on the end results. Through this, students can have the freedom to discover things at their own space and they can interpret their findings based on their own opinions. This teaching strategy is simple and direct but it is a very effective learning tool.

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