Creationism. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Essay

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Creationism. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The significant role of schools in teaching the population of students is one way to make sure that the society will have a bright future. However, in the cases wherein inappropriate teaching methods are used, this dream may be compromised. A very clear example is the teaching of creationism. Creationism is a perspective that identifies a certain supreme being to be the main perpetrator of the existence of the universe, including humanity (Ruse, 2007).

There is an identifiable group of people who primarily believes in this notion. And because of that sectarian acceptance, there was a time when schools became a subject of intention in propagating this idea. In a much greater sense, creationism should never be taught in schools primarily because of the compromising effects it will bring towards the molding of the students. The topic is very much centered towards the philosophy of a person and do not provide any significant learning attribute.

This is in direct contrast to the mission of the school to provide only the type of learning methods based on exact, credible and scientifically formulated aspects of knowledge. Creationism tends to be of religious in nature. It always inhibits the natural flow of scientific process to learn the observable and logical way of nature. As a result, it is very possible that students may get confused about their own perception about the universe and everything about it.

They may leave the pre-conditions of scientific knowledge in favor of an easier to understand notion of creationism. Moreover, there may be cases in which some students may feel deprived of their rights to believe what they want to according to their respective philosophies in life. Creationism is a biased form of belief which only bases its ideology to a personal intuition. References Ruse, M. 2007. Creationism. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved January 14, 2008 from http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/creationism/.

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