Creation Story Essay

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Creation Story

Long ago, before the earth and all things in it, there was God Spongebob…. Spongebob said on the first day, “Let there be a ball of fire. To light us during daylight and burn those who sin against the law”. But then Barbie contested and suggested to change it into a disco ball so that everyone could party from night until dawn. On day two, Mickey Mouse defeated Lord Spongebob by drying him to death with a blower. He made the sky by means of cheese and nuts. On the third day, Mickey Mouse divorced his wife Minney and lived separately.

Mickey opt to live underwater together with Aquaman while Minney stays on land with the butterfly fairies as they take good care of the flowers and trees. On day four , the sun, moon, and stars were created by the Justice League. On day five , thunderbirds, mermaids and fishes were created. On day six , Osama was God and he made politicians who considers themselves as animals of this world. They made people like them by uttering words of lies, battling during sessions in senate, rallying for higher compensation and cheating during elections. Other animals who were created are the kidnappers, criminals and policemen.

Osama rested on the seventh day. He accidentally killed himself while testing one of his suicide planes. Cyclops saw it all and he said that it was good for Osama to die. With the help of the X-men, they made a garden home inside Noah’s ark on top of Mt. Everest. It was called the Garden of Chaos. He told them they could eat each other and rest in peace. The Aliens and Predators arrived during one of the NBA games and conquer the world. The only thing left were seaweeds, algae and underwater stuffs. Spongebob resurrected and decided to create a new world of his own. He named it the world of Autism.

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