Creation of the Whites Essay

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Creation of the Whites

The “Creation of the Whites” is a story about the whites coming over and slowly starting to colonize what they called the new world. This story shows the whites and the Native Americans being very peaceful towards each other. The whites ask permission to the Native Americans for about everything they do in the new world. Although the whites try to be respectful there are still signs that they consider their selves superior over the Native Americans. In this story it shows the whites coming over the sea and starting to eventually start colonizing the new world. They come over the first time and the Native Americans come up to see them but they leave on their, what the natives called house boat almost immediately. The next time the whites came they tried to talk to the Native Americans but they could not understand each other. The whites came back with more ships the next year and asked the Native Americans to come to shore and eventually did. The whites decided to leave again shortly after they showed up. Then the whites came back again three months later and asked the Native Americans for some earth to fill a box and the natives gave it to them. The whites later came back and let the Native Americans know the ground is fertile.

The whites then asked for some land to live on and the Native Americans gave them permission. The thing that amazes me most about this document set is how the Native Americans and whites get along so well. In later times in history the Native Americans and whites rarely got along as well as they did in this story. The whites seem to really respect the Native Americans for most of the story. They ask permission just to come to shore and put dirt in a box. Later on the whites also ask permission to use some of the Native American’s land. The stories that we hear from later times are of the whites pushing the Native Americans off there land without getting permission. The Native Americans give the whites everything they ask for which also surprises me a lot. The Native Americans have lived on the land for many years and it surprises me that they would give some of their land up to people who they thought were created out of sea foam. The Yuchis believed that their tribe originated from the sun and the whites originated from sea foam.

I understand that they don’t know much about the whites beliefs that they are they superior culture but I am still surprised the Native Americans would give up their land. The Native Americans were very generous to the whites. The whites seemed to respect the Native Americans other than when they tested the land to see if it was fertile which may have shone a lack of trust. The Native Americans had been living on the land for many years and the whites could have easily trusted the Native Americans that the land was fertile. They even came back and told the Native Americans that their land was fertile. This shows part of the whites belief that they are the superior culture. The whites seemed to be very respectful throughout the story. They asked permission for everything they wanted to do. The only thing I saw the whites do that showed that they might of lacked trust in the Native Americans was test the ground to see if it was fertile. This story shows that the whites and the Native Americans did not always have big conflicts.

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