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Creation of Snow and Jack Frost Essay

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Long ago, the weather was just warm and the grass was just green. Every person on earth was happy the way they were, and the way everything was. God was always trying to bring new things into Earth, to complete its perfectness. One day God had this big feeling that he needed to create something for Earth and his people. But what could it be? Everything was already so perfect.

So God asked and angel named Jack to go down to Earth and figure out what was missing. Jack went down and searched and searched, he disguised himself as a human and asked many children and adults, “If you could add something to our earth, what would it be? everybody’s answers were the same. They all said that there was no needed change. Jack reported back to God and told him everything, but God still didn’t agree. He thought and thought of different ideas every day. One day, He caught a cold, and He couldn’t stop coughing or sneezing. Even when He had this cold, he still looked over Earth every single day and tried to improve it. But right when God was just about to give up and say the Earth was perfect enough, He let out the biggest strongest sneeze anyone could imagine.

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His sneeze was so powerful that it blew all the clouds onto the ground onto Earth and made them stay over top of the grass and cover every single thing on Earth in soft white stuff. When God seen this, He was appalled. He thought he ruined everything. But then a bright idea came into Angel Jack’s head. He said “Well since Earth has only warm weather and green grass, what if these clouds turn into cold soft ice and the weather becomes cold for half the year? ” God thought this was a brilliant idea, so He did what Jack suggested.

He turned the clouds and weather cold. He decided to call the clouds snow. He then told Jack to go check it out and see how the humans reacted. Jack once again went down to Earth and disguised himself. He asked all the children and adults what they thought of this snow. They all said the same thing, that they don’t know what to do or how to have fun in this snow. Jack thought to himself, “what if I think of fun games the children could play in this snow? ” So he did, he lied on top of the snow, and started to move his hands up and down and his feet in and out.

All the children saw what he was doing and did the same. They asked him what he was doing. Jack answered quickly, “I’m making, uh, snow angels! See these are the wings and these are their white long clothes! ” The children’s faces lit up and asked Jack if he could show them any other fun stuff to do. So he thought quickly and started forming balls to throw and blocks of snow to make little forts. The children seen what he did and all said, “Let’s make snow balls and snow forts like Jack is! I love the snow! ” Once Jack heard this, he was on his way back to God.

He came back and when God asked how everyone liked it, he told him all this stories and God was exceeded. God then asked Jack, “Do you like this snow? ” Jack answered, “I love this snow, so much! ” So then God asked if he would like to become in charge of when snow falls, and in charge of making games and keeping the snow to the humans’ likings. Jack answered with a yes, so God said, “Well then Angel Jack, you are now named Jack Frost! ” Jack was happy with that, he made his home at the North Pole and kept track of the snow and made sure everyone was happy ever since.

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